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Community Alternate Timeline
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:30:50 pm »
vgn's fancy new time converter (tweaked for timeline matching) here!This is a WIP - italicized years are placeholders to remind me of when stuff happened. 4/6 added placeholders for Center, Mean Streets and Tides of Ire 7/26 added references to events related to Hardragh's and Rodlin's WLDQs 8/19 added Plague referenceOn that note, I am having some trouble with the Dragon Storm timeline, in that there were so many events and contributions that I am not sure they all belong on a main timeline, but am not sure of the best way to condense yet to hit the events (especially the shock and awe ones) without getting bogged down in detail. I'd like the result of everyone's efforts to be known and accessible ... ! So I'm not ignoring it... hehe. It could probably also use some time editing to reflect intentions vs RL realities - at the moment these are straight conversions of RL dates.If something is there that you feel should not be widely known, feel free to say so BUT I will say that I used only public posts and information distributed by open-knowledge types (like the Aragenites at Bydell).Besides some DS specifics, among other events still intended but not yet straightened out are those surrounding the famine and the Destroyer's Curse arc. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone could donate to me either the logs for or the names of all participants in the DS finales, Salvation of Hurix, and any other post-Dragoncalled major conflicts, I'd appreciate it. I shelved a long ago started OOC project for lack of names, hehe.

After many years of darkness and twilight, the sun can be seen in the sky again, and the Dark Ages end.
A disturbance in the Al'Noth was repaired by Lucindites and a party of adventures deep in Alindor's Wolfswood forest. Within weeks of the repair King Briant of Erilyn makes a royal appearance with his court of Barons and Baronesses in Fort of Kings. It is the first time the royal court of Erilyn has been seen together in over 200 years and sparks a period of growth and stability for not only Erilyn but Alindor. The influence of Shindaleria also increases in Alindor at this time.

  • Strange sightings on Alindor. The rumour goes that a group of adventurers entered the Mountains of Madness and were the first to enter the shroud, that marks the border to Milara's domain and covers the entire area, for several years. Little is known of what actually transpired in there, but fact is that several eye witnesses from nearby settlements reported of changes in the 'dome of night'. Investigators concluded that a ritual was conducted within the dome that revealed itself in the shape of a black snake or whirlwind reaching all the way to the heavens. The result of said ritual has been a thickening of the web that forms the 'Dome of Night' above the Mountains of Madness - just as if darkness descended.
  • In this year, the very last recorded cross-species birth occurred. After this, no halfbreed children were born, and those who were halfbreeds themselves (half-elves, half-orcs, and other creatures of mixed blood) gradually discovered that they were utterly unable to conceive/bear children.
  • Slave uprising in the Deep almost succeeds before Rael's forces from above and below are able to crush the Deep gnomes and their leaders. Several prominent Beryl clergy were lost, weakening Her influence in the Deep. Rael strengthened his hold in Dregar and in the Deep.
  • The Wolfswood Rangers wage a fierce but quiet war against venemous spiders bred by a servant of Ca'duz. Rumors leak out of the wood, however, of increased spider activity - spiders the size of hunting mastiffs running across the surface of Lake Freis, spiders the size of ponies attacking cows. Healers of every stripe are recruited into Erilyn forces.
  • Rumors whisper of shadows attacking in the night near Mariner's Hold. The city undergoes a period of martial law that turns a fairly common practice of checking travelers at city gates into something more than merely cursory. All ships are searched before unloading, and those arriving on foot are not merely nodded through the gates with a cursory glance at traveling papers but stopped and searched, as well. Those out after dark are no longer merely the objects of suspicion but escorted out or beaten, even imprisoned, at the slightest sign of resistance.
  • A large tidal wave washes a third of the city of Mariner's Hold into the ocean. The cause of the wave is never verified but rumors both of divine and arcane nature persist. Next to fellow realms on Alindor, Lord Rael the Benevolent also aids the peoples of Mariners Hold and Sagewald as does a large contingency of the adventuring public.
  • It is whispered that an artifact has been stolen from Fisterion.
  • A great white dragon attacks the city of Leringard, destroys its harbor and kills hundreds of citizens. Lord Rael the Benevolent sends aid to its people, as do many adventurers. Realms on Mistone also provide various means of aid.
  • The town of Tammil in Belinara has a change of rule. There is fighting in the streets of Tulam, and its residents had to flee into the forest.
  • Y'ogoldrania, the Golden Emerald, is stirred from her slumber on Voltrex.*
  • Approximately one year after a group of adventurers was invited to Voltrex to observe the discussing of two opposing proposals, the Aesmil Isim voted for the rebuilding of the legendary city of Ovdear and the relocation of the Aesmil Isim to the future site. The proposal to dissolve the Aesmil Isim did not receive enough votes. (1432 - Used to be placed before prior entry, with "one year later" wording - moved to be one year later)
  • Hitherto unconfirmed rumors of dragon half-breeds on Belinara may have a grain of truth in them as adventurers explore the troubled Kuhl Kingdom. The Cult is now also sometimes referred to as the Dragon Stealers. Later this year, the rumors from Belinara speak of civil war, the remnants of Bloodstone's forces returning in strength, dragons in the sky, creatures ascending from the Deep, fire falling like rain from the sky. (1435, 1436)
  • Hilm Protectorate makes a public call for aid to adventurers, independent knights, and every warrior wielding sword or magic. Two months later, the capital city of Kuhl, Westgate, falls to the Dragon Stealers, aided by a massive dragon now known as Ractrafieroz. Fortunately, Queen Alise Langovale of Kuhl is saved by adventurers.
  • A Goblin, Gnome and human alliance west of Fort Wayfare has been detected and its interest in Fort Wayfare and lost relics in the area noted. (1436)
  • A 'Lord Reaver' in service to Admiral Red Bear of Hurm is credited for the unified crushing of the Silver Crescent Slavers' coordinated raids to conquer and enslave key locations in Trelania, Boyer, Liwich, and Co'rys.
  • Kuhl has all but fallen, and it is discovered that the realm of Nesar is negotiating with the Dragon Stealers - peace in exchange for the use of their fleet. Some say they are preparing a fleet to sail to Mistone.
  • A group of adventurers meets with the dragon Shadrixkayl, who provides the means to locate an item of power.

1426 The artifact is returned to Fisterion rather than Shadrixkayl.
1428 Hurix saved after 5day siege yay
1430 Something stirs in the Almoran. Western Mistone is devastated by massive tsunamis responsible for the loss of thousands of lives. Leringard turns aside most of the force, and several druids are lost in the sheltering of Krandor, but Port Hempstead is hit hard by the first wave. Several unprotected hamlets on the coast are lost completely. Desperate calls for aid lead to united efforts to block or divert the worst of the storms in major locations, but the dead pile so high in Karst that plague rules all and the dead rise. Infections spread as far as Palden Lake.
1431 Enormous display of power over the Almoran; lightning in the skies and fire on the waters.
1433 The once-abandoned region of Brelin known as Center gains momentum in its shift from a huddle of tents occupied by refugees from the tsunamis, to a trading crossroads with a proper inn and craftsman facilities when portal exit points are redirected there from Fort Wayfare.
1434 Trelania fights Cult forces within its own borders. There are reports of Myr'Drach attacks on western trade routes, and sightings of some blue and silver dragon devouring travelers. People flock to major cities as the forces of various factions both religious and political mobilize and work to eliminate the new threats. Hilm warns Kuhl of war. Moraken's Tower is under siege, and a massive, corrupted bronze and black colored dragon falls on those that seek to break it.Though the siege is broken by one group and a direct attack on Hlint repelled by another, the defenders take heavy losses compared to the size of the Cult forces, whose dead were burned. Before the deaths can even be tallied, however, disease spreads. Hlint is quarantined, its containment managed by the Sisters of Rebirth.
1436 A strike force attacks the hidden Cult base at Stormcry Hollows; other plot finales. The Sovereign Siphe Principality is formed, carved from Hilm (literally in some cases) with the aid of the dragon Ractrafieroz one hundred miles in all directions of what is now known as Fieroz City.
  • Several volcanoes around the world fill the skies with soot and ash, sparking fears in affected locations of a return to the Dark Times. Eruptions are attributed to the servants of Pyrtechon who claim responsibility and hail it as an omen of the Destroyer's coming.
  • Voltrex declares a state of emergency and closes its borders once more, following a historic sitting of the Aesmil Isim that reaches Isim Eliwanilae, or a unanimous accord. Trade vessels already en route return to their ports of call reporting that elven ships of war had intercepted them - and that the entire northern region of the continent is practically under siege from the eruptions and lightning storms.
  • Various DS aftermath settling
  • The dragon Snowtooth  attacks fleets belonging to Mist's followers, and their buildings in Leringard. Some in the city wish them gone to avoid the wrath of the dragon.
  • Hardragh supplants Yashilla  as Tide of the North.
1439 Another season of what should be re-birth is under a darkened cloud. Fewer newborns are entering the world. Hens are laying eggs that are not fertilized. Babies born fall prey to illness or predators. Seeds planted are failing to germinate and those that do grow poorly. Unrest grows.
1440 An expedition led by Storold Doesscha is thought lost for good, taking some of the world's most powerful with it - the Diet of Lor and her partner among them.
1441 The grisly destruction of villages Vale and Clover in the Forest of Fog.
1443 The lost expedition returns, supposedly from the Pits of Strife. Tremors rock the area surrounding the known entrance to the Great Rift. Lightning and other displays of power play from multi-hued clouds as magic returned to long-dead caverns.
  • Mean Streets, the Revenant takedown
  • Over the course of three months, the very heavens shift. The constellations thought to represent the deities Shindaleria, Dorand, Lucinda, Goran and the Couple move to circle a space that becomes occupied by Aragen's Book. Travel by sea is affected, and some react to the change with fear and predictions of the end times. After a time, however, the new becomes the normal.
1452 The Liquid Death, Rael locked down
  • Giantess' Supremacy shifts in the skies to stand near the group of seven constellations, near to Prunilla and Deliar. Soon after, Toran's Light moves near Dorand's position in the group.
  • Troops comprised of Toranites, Voraxains, and scouts from the Wolfswood Rangers move from Bloody Gate along with a company of mercenaries and adventurers.
1456 The stars do not so much shift as they are once more observed in the positions they were known to occupy prior the shifts of a few years prior.
1457 An invading army of gnolls swarms out of the Ire Mountains. Several farms and small settlements are sacked. The motive for such an attack is unclear -- many would argue that none is needed, as gnolls are vicious creatures. Other rumors claim the gnolls fled something worse, and the world just got in the way.
1459 The Wasting Death returns to Liwich.
1471 (Current Year)
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I've had a few thoughts about
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2016, 07:06:38 pm »

I've had a few thoughts about this as it specifically relates to my primary character (Quenton Bowstringer) as he was originally approved and created in 2002 and I played him to about level 6 or so. He was running around with players like Ozymandius and Rhizome (sp?) back then... Then, such as life can be, I didn't have a gaming pc for 8 years, (I call those the xbox/university/odd job years) Then at the begining of 2013 he magically reappears! I've since played him steadily and advanced him from level 6 to just shy of 25 and plan to continue playing him. However, my recent thoughts are to perhaps not mention that he used to get stuck in the red light gobbo caves with Ozy and just consider him a new charactor at the point of my return. It makes sense for a few reasons; level 6 isn't all that difficult to obtain now as it was back then before epic levels. No one from 2002 is still playing that would remember him anyway... and I still play him as pretty youthful in spirit.

The other issue I've come across with relation to the time of his creation is that fact that he is actually a Ghostwise... and I've always played him more like a lightfoot. As I recall at the time of his creation the Lore page for Ghostwise was nothing more than the stat changes and there were no rules governing the creation of sub races, or if there were, they weren't enforced at aproval as he was my first charactor. So to deal with his personallity difference, I've added things to his background story to make his family a bit more fringe to his Ghostwise clan (they originally farmed carrots, but now they farmed carrots on the ground below the treetop village and would then take the brunt of the goblin raids that were already in his background, so now he always kind of disliked the clan for leaving the farmers to the front lines while they stayed safe in the trees, so he left. Plus he was always out in the woods with his druid sister Cora away from the clan anyway). But this latter issue doesn't really pertain to the passage of time, I just figured I'd mention it... 



I prefer to just ignore the
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2016, 07:14:45 pm »

I prefer to just ignore the whole time thing, and I do.



If you look at the current
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2016, 10:50:49 pm »

If you look at the current time rate, let's say not going so far back as 2002 but when he was reapproved in 2005 - he (re)entered the world at 25 back then in 1381, which would make him around 202 - more if we went further back!  I am sure some halflings are quite youthfulish into their gaffer years, Layo seeming a bit more kenderish... but yeah, trying to come up with vast amounts of time is weird.

With a 4x rate after 1420, he'd be 64 when the Dark Ages ended, pretty much the last of all that original plot stuff over the years. At present, by very rough estimate, he would be just shy of a century, which is around the settling down age of a halfling but with plenty of time remaining to him. Just a thought! I am pretty sure if you decided he was actually in his 30s-40s and asked people to ignore you mentioned long-gone PCs, no one is going to give you a hard time, hehe. If anything, the amount of times this has quietly been done is part of the reason for the suggestion.

Edit for Serissa's post : I understand people do this, but many* of us don't, and we have a great deal of cognitive dissonance trying to make things make sense. This was for others in the same position, who like to RP being a part of the world as it progresses, but acknowledge that it progresses **** ridiculously.

(Second edit a long time later, I chortled a bit at my "many of us" phrasing when there are not even "many" around, anymore! I just meant it has always been silly, and people have always reacted to it differently. Many of us back when, some of us now, hehe. "Perhaps three people..." )



I tend to be more the
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2016, 07:47:24 pm »

I tend to be more the supernatural immortal bindstone guy and don't try and dwell on it too much but its a good idea.  Like Vrebel for instance, created around 2008 I think start age of 35?  I think by standard Layo time he'd be pretty old as a human right now.  With your new time line he's be a youngin'!  They math is somewhat confusing right now for me to figure but anything that makes the aging more realistic and fit is good with me.



willhoff wrote:I tend to be
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2016, 08:11:31 pm »

Quote from: "willhoff"&cid="2759623"

I tend to be more the supernatural immortal bindstone guy and don't try and dwell on it too much but its a good idea.

The bindstone stuff is what most people settle on, but it's also weird because it adds stuff that wasn't intended - Ed nixed pretty much most of the reasons we use a long time ago, and definitely don't explain invasions impending for decades or the eternal dominance of human NPCs. I do think the bindstones and stuff makes the best out of a silly situation, if that makes sense? and is the same excuse I tend to use, or at least a mishmash of everything, hehe. Plus, for the oldest characters (and really, considering the damage all of them are taking, most of them out of their 20s), it's still a factor.

I guess I am just trying to come at it from a position of, "something that makes more sense will be available to the people most likely to make use of it." If someone freezes all their characters in amber, they're not going to suddenly decide to stop being 29, you know? I'm not going to try to make someone use the hypothetical version of time converter any more than anyone has to use the current one! If you want to be part of a story, though - not just yours but share in those of others - it will usually involve time, in some way or another. It just makes things dumb when you actually want to play along but can't because silliness.

(Edit - so according to current time, it looks like he is 154. I am on my way out and my math may be grossly off, but what I think the suggestion amounts to in Vrebel's case is that his adventuring/soldiering career has now spanned 30ish years in proposed canon, vs 119, hehe. This is where the 'adjusting up or down as you will' part kicks in ;) Perhaps he was younger when he started, or started later... Or is kicking around showing newbies what's what at 60ish... )



Or you could just change the
« Reply #6 on: February 01, 2016, 09:51:47 pm »

Or you could just change the life expectancy of various races.  Make all races live longer bases on their current relative life spans.  For example if humans now live 100 yrs max and elves live 500 yrs max (these are hypothetical numbers); then make Humans live 400 yrs and elves live 2000 yrs.  Methusala did live 800+ yrs yo back n the day.



Meh, elves are already dumb
« Reply #7 on: February 01, 2016, 10:46:55 pm »

Meh, elves are already dumb enough... *cough* Sorry, my biases are showing, ha! I don't like playing elves because the idea of playing a 700 year old character who knows absolutely nothing about anything is just hard for me. Ooo, this aaancient elven ruins from one thouuusand yeaaars ago. "*raises hand* My dad lived here." "Well."

And really, characters are going to live as long as their players want them to live, heh. This is more like, "my character got married last week and today we are having our one year anniversary. " or when you sub a character in a particular stage of their life, and they leave it too fast to feel like you got to play them. You play other characters, or take a break, and even thinking about what the other character was doing for 25 years saps your will to live. Your character becomes a parent, but you are so busy RL that before you know it they are technically a great-grandparent, and you're not sure what to make of that.

The point is that they're not going to change the lifespans. 4000 year old elves will never be canon... and it would have a lot of butterfly effect implications if it were... You can say IG that they are everywhere, but you're just fighting the inevitable. They're not going to stick with this time, either, though. Just seemed like we might as well change it to something that made sense, at least for those that try to stay, like... say within 100 miles of canon, if not quite lock-in-step ;) "I like to keep open the possibility of participating in/contributing to canon, if not so much being restricted to the parts that are defined..."



Now I want to make my first
« Reply #8 on: February 02, 2016, 05:40:33 pm »
Now I want to make my first elf... *sigh* *adds another unsubbed character to the drawer*


I have a few potential
« Reply #9 on: February 02, 2016, 06:53:14 pm »

I have a few potential charactors floating around in my head... None are elves however :)



To Amra Tanvia: (*bad stick
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2016, 12:57:21 am »
To Amra Tanvia: (*bad stick figure drawing, here*)
Hello Amra-Who-Likes-To-Help! It has been absolutely ever since I saw you, maybe because it is harder for brownies to travel all of everywhere than for right-sized people and so you are stuck in Hlint most of the time. If so, that is dreadful because they have been really quite awful in the last few decades, and are not very fond of helpful adventuring types at all which is really very rude all things considering. Somebody said it was because of the time I put live fish in the well, but I should think they'd really have a bigger grudge against Blood since he blew it up so many times, and then we killed him so we should get free beer all the time.
Oh! Anyway, I was writing you because you have been so helpful in the past and I know how important that is to you, and I am always trying to help people help people if you follow me, and we have just had the worst problem with time, lately. Do they make leashes for time so it doesn't berserk away from you and scythe down forests and monarchs willy nilly, child to crone before your eyes? This is very serious business and I think the work of some humorless wizard with a funny hat, carefully sabotaging the efforts of halflings and brownies everywhere by giving them shingles before their time!
I have decided that it won't do, and since I was sure that if I convinced everyone to ignore it with me, that the Sinister Shingles and Wicked Wrinkles would reverse themselves, but the Dusties at Bydell are so particular about when this or that happened that it seems now we're in need of some conversion method to satisfy their unholy need for proper accounting. I'm sure I am brilliant enough to have figured out a way to please everyone, only the gnomes and I have been on the outs for some time and I haven't got anyone to build the time machine. Surely someone as helpful as you can help a halfling out!

Giving the finger to grumpy wizards,

Acacea AKA Cae AKA Chimes AKA Windy AKA Recovering Shadonite AKA Lucinda's Favorite



Hello Acacea! *waves*

I am stuck in Hlint and I must say that while I do manage to keep busy, life is not as good as it used to be!
I read your note several times over and I was awfully confused on how I could help and I so really wanted to help.
After thinking, I finally got it in my head that the only way to help and make heads or tails of your dire request was to hunt down a wizard. That proved problematic because the only wizard I could find was quite rude to me and I don't feel I can feel comfortable repeating those words. I implored him though and convinced him the entirety of the space-time continuum was at risk!
He finally buckled but after listening to my explanation and then just having him read your note himself, it wasn't even sure if anything could be done. He was murmuring crazy ramblings about not remembering having ever cast any related spells and certainly couldn't remember the inner workings of the spells enough to effect the kind of change required for your request.
Alas, I thought I was at a dead end, until he agreed with me that perhaps all that was needed was a new spell! One he could cast now and perhaps it could somehow replace the old spell.
He shooed me away (quite rudely I might add) and told me he would be back in touch. It wasn't waiting horribly long, though I did hear some cursing from his workshop. He emerged and told me that I could safely report a new spell has been put in place. He hopes it will be of use and is afraid if it isn't there may not be much more he can do.
So that is what I report to you and I hope that was helpful and I hope you know what he meant.
Amra Tanvia
((vgn is a saint and made me a new one. I am still fiddling with the exact time to get it to report the correct old dates, and working on new post 1420 timeline + additions. Edit - to clarify, I am not suggesting this is an IC change! I just thought someone else might be amused at the "IC" part of the email exchange, particular anyone who had ever met Amra.))


This is the original first
« Reply #11 on: August 19, 2016, 01:58:53 pm »

This is the original first post of this thread, swapped places with the WIP timeline for visibility.

Too long have we suffered beneath the frenzied lashes of time! We must rise up as one and ... ah...

That is, hi. Awhile back I was thinking again about how broken our rate of time passing is in NWN. "It is known." I would like to assume that everyone from low to on high is aware of how bad it is, and how everyone approaches it from a different angle (it's not really been that long, it has been and we are all mummies, it has been and the bindstones make us immortal, time is an illusion, realm rulers are liches, etc), and just move on to the suggestion part.

This is really directed at everyone who doesn't ignore it, already, so that we can all agree on the same timeline when representing it.

My suggestion is that we keep the original timeline up to 1420, for various reasons... the main one being that there were so many characters and quests and things moving at that time, that I think it's fine the way it was. There are also references to duration of certain things, like the length of the Dark Ages, that are probably best left as is.

The mutiny part comes in where everything from then onward is at 4x (maybe 5x?) RL instead of 15x. My idea is to just compress all of the timeline from 1420 onward backwards to fit into that. I'm not in love with the numbers, necessarily, I just think they make the most sense... but then, maybe that's the same thing, hehe. What I wanted from this was...

  • For shorter lived races to be able to just play without having to choose between honoring official time and lifespans, and actually being able to play them.
  • For it to still be possible to play a character long enough for them to noticeably age, even into elderly, just not so quickly - the Dragoncalled are still going to be old, but like "normal" old.
  • Likewise, for our existing multi-generational PCs to still fit within altered timeline
  • For existing characters who are already played as old/elderly to still be roughly in right age bracket
  • Make it reasonable for monarchs to still be reigning - a few decades compared to a century, for example.
  • Be closer to how the MMO might represent happenings in NWN - you can bet that a lot of things will not have taken half a century.

Please don't think this is a demand that certain characters be played at absolute new ages, or anything - since everything would be compressed already, I feel like adjusting up or down to have a better fit is expected. If it leaves DB in his early 50's and he feels like he should be up in his 60's to be consistent with RP to that point, well... I mean, it's his dynasty. And perhaps RC feels Ty's growing up got away from him, and nudges him down. I'd just assume everyone with characters related to one another worked it out together if they cared enough to bother! The point was only to agree to throw out the existing years and switch to a more reasonable date and progression. This is completely independent of whether or not it is adopted officially (though that would be nice) - it's about how we do our own stories and interactions with each other.

How would we keep track? Ideally, we could change NWN, too... but you change the passage of time in NWN by changing the length of the hour, which impacts spell durations and who-knows-what-else. My thought is that if enough people thought it valuable, we could make a new Time Converter  (thanks, vgn!) - either by simply making an identical one at 4x and using both, or having it take it into account the change after a certain point. I have not really looked at it, yet, because I wasn't sure people would even be interested. I'd just use that and copy the timeline with new dates after 1420. Maybe update New Timeline while at it... hehe. I think orth is the only one who could do the forum one below the logo, though.

For all of us who have ever mentioned specific ages for our characters, it would be a bit of a retcon, but... I like to think it is in the interest of greater continuity overall. Thoughts?

edit 'cause indepedent is not a word...



So hey...I just wanted to say
« Reply #12 on: February 29, 2016, 10:53:41 pm »

So hey...

I just wanted to say we've been reading this with some interest and we are looking into a couple of things before we make a longer response.




Hmm, given Daniel was 18 at
« Reply #13 on: March 01, 2016, 08:08:17 am »

Hmm, given Daniel was 18 at creation with your timeline he'd be 38 now instead of a century.  I like it! :)  Although, he acts a bit older now, so 50ish.  He is old enough for grandchildren.


"Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face." 

Oscar Wilde


I have some issues with the
« Reply #14 on: March 01, 2016, 04:09:15 pm »

I have some issues with the dynasties, yeah - they're pretty fuzzy to me, because lines of characters cross the 'warp point' which has some weird approaching the speed of light type effects on people, ahem.

Here is what I have as just straight conversions without adjustments for 3 generations of Poetrs old/new (went by sub, sorry if I'm off)

Benjamin 1389 171/68

DB 1419 141/38

Charlie 1471/1434 89/23

You can see how the later generations move closer together unintentionally. I'm sure Charlie did not become a Poetr when DB was 15 ;)

I thought maybe if we nudged the original Poetr brothers back to the 70s, maybe had Benjamin spawn DB a few years earlier in life, that lands DB pretty solidly in the middle of his 50s, which if you think about it, is still pretty old for a fighting human in the setting. He'd have experienced most of the Dark Ages, though.

This leaves room to also move the adoptees up if you wanted them more grown, or leave them. Or nudge them down, whatever, not my characters! I think it kinda works, but maybe it's still too messed up, I dunno.

Edit - speaking of approaching the speed of light, my font sizes seem to have decided to change themselves at random... fixed I think?



I have swapped the post
« Reply #15 on: August 19, 2016, 02:11:10 pm »

I have swapped the post containing the alternate timeline with the OP for visibility (sorry for screwing up your thankses), and added the link to the new time converter for anyone to use. Remember there will be weirdness with dynasties and you'll have to just decide where you want things to end up and red pen from there. The converter still goes both ways and translates dates into non-common (unCommon? hehe) terms. Yay vgn! 

Please post with any usage issues or problems with sequences of events. For that matter, please post with your timeline suggestions - as mentioned in the timeline post, there are significant events I have no logs for and can neither confirm dates nor find enough information to generalize. Things like "so and so visits a shrine about a thing" are not helpful, because what you really want is a very short summary of the entire arc, which of course investigative forum posters don't know at the time of the posts.



An official comment is
« Reply #16 on: October 03, 2016, 11:43:26 pm »

An official comment is forthcoming...



It's been a long (much longer
« Reply #17 on: April 06, 2017, 09:47:51 pm »

It's been a long (much longer than intended) time in coming, but....

...We are giving our official support to this idea and the adjusted timeline as discussed.

I do not know if we will be able to mechanically represent this in-game in full (due to the linkage between game time and things like spell durations), but in an overall-passage-of-time sense, we definitely support and embrace this idea.

Many belated thanks for the idea. It's the kind of thing we've had planned for the next generation for quite a long time, so at least in that sense, it fits well.



In case you didn't see it in
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In case you didn't see it in all the other stuff, as of this last update, this is now the time scale used in NWN and on the forums, huzzah ! Eventually this page will become obsolete :) For right now, this is the only timeline with post-1420 dates adjusted and updated to the current year.