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Devine relation animation


I was reading the old thread started by skywatcher about devine relation and since there are new players coming onto the server I was wondering if it wouldn’t be a good thing to remove the animation all together?

An idea idea that popped in my head was, instead of having to do a cantrip, why not set the devine relation as an automatic success roll  as an toggable feat (like power attack as an example of toggable  feat) and the results being given to the player in the server window. This way the cleric could toggle on and off the feat and when its on he gets the information automatically from everyone in his vicinity.

Example Lana has deity relation feat on and has Lara, Melaa, Johnny and Nile beside him.
Lara: no deity worshipped
Melaa: deity friendly to yours
Johnny: deity neutral to yours
Nile: deity friendly to yours.

without any animation or even getting closer to the person due to getting in range of casting. No one would be the wiser and it would fit perfectly with the rpsense of the Deity to cleric convo of the deity stance toward the other toon deity.


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