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Title: Holiday Bonus Event Has Begun! Also, Update on New NWN Version
Post by: orth on December 19, 2019, 06:06:04 pm
Greetings and best wishes for the holiday season everyone.

First off as of now a bonus event is running with the Soul Mother being inactive, extra GP and extra XP! I am not going to set an ending date quite yet so just enjoy it while it lasts.

Secondly as most of you probably know, NWN has had a new release and Layonara is still on the old release. I've been preparing for the migration to the new release and It's all ready, just need to test it out a bit more and turn the switch. I'm just holding off until I know most of the community will be ready to move to this new edition. Some older computers may not be able run NWN:EE 8196+ as it's 64 bit and requires a bit more GPU than the previous edition. Either way, we're going to have to migrate sooner or later so I'll buy a bit more time by testing the new version.

All the best,