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Hello everyone,

As some of you may know we have been running the preview version of Neverwinter Nights to iron out some bugs in anticipation for the next major release by BeamDog. The latest stable release 8193.15 was pushed yesterday and I anticipate we'll be running that version on our secondary server by the end of the week.

In the meantime the old 8186 server has still been running as well, but its time is running out and I will be moving all efforts to the newer version until our community members can all up date. Once that takes place I'll shut down the 8186 server and focus on adding to the new version.

So if you can, please update your NWN to the newest version and join us at or you should see us in the server listing.

I have also been considering opening a second passwordless server once the old 8186 version is shut down with a complete character/housing/resources wipe. This will be open for anyone to come into without a character submission for people to get a feel for Layonara. There's a lot to work out for this though but I've a feeling it will be worth it to see the community grow a little bit. I guess I won't cross that bridge until all the community who was playing on the old server migrates to the new one.

Thanks and have fun!

The server has been upgraded, and now running on 8193.16.

*Brutus Clawfoot  find himself awake at once deep in the bowels of a forgotten dungeon. With a terrible gasp of hideous Half-Orc breath, he yelps and lands in to a vague and rough consciousness.*


*He looks around, bewildered and in a funk. He is slow to shake off the thick muck of too many years lost to the either.  The dungeon walls are closed all around him.  His new awareness is muzzled by his complete isolation. Modern devices such as iPads and EE versions, are of no concept to his existence. Only  the four walls of his personal dungeon have any  relevance.  He stares into the darkness quieted by his predicament. Then suddenly there is a flash of blue light that blinds him temporarily. The light remains in a circle of energy and promise.*

What the...?

What’s dat? Some kinda portal? Er wonders what’ll happen if Er goes walk’n in to it?

(To be continued) 

 Do I need a new password to log back in? It’s been a pretty long time, and my old password isn’t working.   Sure would like to go wandering around Layo again.  If I can get back in, I will happily contribute to the server costs!

Better to ask on discord because folks check that more often


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