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nwn1 or 2 or EE ?


Am quite new to Layonara and a very recent registrationist...   But Am now having an issue trying to find the serverI see it on EE list but can not even login or even get the message about needing a password....
Sometimes on EE I see Layonara "greyed" on the list as well...  Yet it shows that somewhere between 3 and 5 players logged in... 
Just wondering are you running the server in NWN 1 or NWN 2, or even if there is some other problem on EE that I am unaware of at this time...

I do realise I will have to post a sort of character log with a short back-story which I will probably attended to this weekend.... But would like to get at least that message that a password is required just to confirm for myself that the server is active in which ever mode/version ...


Layonara is running on NWN EE version (1.78) 8186. 

If you have upgraded to the newest build ((1.79) 8193  then Layonara will appear grayed out. Likewise if you are running an older version than 8186.

Layonara will be upgrading to 8193 in the near future (as far as I know), but I don't know the exact date

You join the layo channel on Discord via this link: It's often easier to get help there in real-time.

Hope to see you in game!

P.S. there is also a bit of info in this post:!-also-update-on-new-nwn-version/



To make Layonara "un-greyed" …

Right-Click on NWN in your Steam Library … and select Properties...
.. a new screen will appear.... select the Tab " Beta's"..
… on the next drop down box for "Beta's to opt into"....... select Build 8186.

Re-loading NWN should now require a small download and installation.
Layonara in the Server List should now show as Red... and require a password.

Hope that works!

Only bought this version of NWN Monday this week and straight from beamdog as I do not trust steam from past experiencies with other games...

Anyway am not in a rush guess I can wait a bit longer for Layonara to upgrade ...

And thanks to you both for your advice on this matter..

Is there any indication as to a time scale or such that the server will be updated to 8193 ?


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