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Hey all,

As some of you know I was recently laid off and coupled with a sickness I've had for the past while I've not been able to do much so I was wondering if I could ask if you can spare a few dollars to pay for the servers I'd appreciate it. They only cost $14 a month but any bit helps. If you can please visit - thanks so much.

I know I have some queries asked by the community but my brain is pretty mushy so I'm trying to stay in bed, but the bills are eating away a bit and I hate to do it but was hoping for a little help.

Thanks so much,

Get better James!  We're praying for you.  We covered June.

Heya James,

Hope you get better soon.

You have my support for the server.  I have covered July and august .

Ke' Koa:
Sending some now....  Get to feeling better soon, would love to see you around.

- Phil

Get well!


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