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Time for a bit of an update on some of the changes, some are done by me, some are in NWN:EE, some are community enhancements:

  • PCs can now use all three ammo slots for the same ammunition using the =c rangedfocus command. This allows PCs to queue up 3 sets of different arrows to progress through instead of NWN automatically grabbing a random stack when you run out.
  • Many minimap and walkmesh fixes
  • The "grave" system has been revamped. Only the PC (and DMs) who died will see a special marker where they died. Other PCs will no longer see a headstone. This was to avoid some of the OOCness of a physical grave being there which isn't really correct
  • Most subrace and prestige class bonuses are now hard coded, that means if your subrace is +2 Strength then it's not considered a "buff" but rather your character has that value changed at the core
  • Combat modes are now toggleable, meaning if you use Power Attack or Expertise you turn it on and off with a toggle, it doesn't break when you move.
  • The entire polymorph engine has been revamped helping to avoid some of the issues that came up with polymorph/wildshape/elemental shape etc
  • Many of the stock tilesets have been improved with a visual facelift
  • Bartering gives a lot more feedback so PCs have a record of trades in their chat logs, also autosave no longer cancels a barter
  • PCs can set their size to give a bit of a more custom look, size can be tiny, small, normal, large, huge. Currently a PC can use this as often as they want but please only set it with the setting that you want, experiment and then stick to it. Changing of size is logged and we don't want to see a PC manipulating it on a whim whenever they feel like it
  • The dynamic names system has gone through a complete revamp (I even wrote the C++ for the NWNX plugin) so I've tweaked it for Layonara. PC Names show up normally on the Player List so tells are easier.
  • Vendors no longer need to be "triggered" to fill their inventory the first time they're spoken to
  • Whirlwind was fixed
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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:10:00 pm »

I remember you of course. When I saw your forum registration I wondered if Eldo was indeed you Eldoran. Welcome back, it'd be great to see some old faces with the facelift the world will be undergoing, just to catch up on old times and create some new memories. Hope life has treated you well over this time.

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Not seeing Layonara coming up, so I assume its not ready?

Not yet, no! Very soon.

I was waiting for one more contribution but it's been delayed. I may just skip it though, just need to see how close they are.
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Fixed Bugs / Re: Bug - lost item on dead ox
« on: April 01, 2019, 10:54:59 pm »
Thanks for the report. I did indeed find a bug. I've updated the script on the live running server and have restored all the items on your new ox that weren't bags of sand.

The bug was related to SetItemCharges, if you set an object to 0 charges then it just destroys the object. That's why bags of sand were saved, they actually have charges so the script correctly set it to 1, but when it set the others to 0 they got destroyed. This bug was introduced 4 years ago, surprised I've not seen another report of it.
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Here are a couple starting notes for the migration:

Migrating your Characters
If you have played on Layonara before and still have your old CD Key you will be able to migrate your characters from the servervault automatically. To do this you need to copy your old nwncdkey.ini file from NWN 1.69 and place it in the new NWN:EE folder (this is usually My Documents/Neverwinter Nights for Windows installs.) You will know it's the proper place for the file if you see a cdkey.ini file in that folder, as that's the key file for NWN:EE. Once that's done, you will also need to make sure your login name is the same as the one you used on the old Layonara. You will be prompted for this before you login. Remember it's case sensitive! if your login name before was orth don't enter Orth. If you do not have your old cd key and can prove you are the player who once played certain characters, please send me a PM. If you have access to your forum account this is usually sufficient evidence.

Automatic Content Downloading With NWSYNC
The first time you connect to the new version you will be presented with an automatic download dialog box. NWN:EE includes a fantastic new feature called nwsync that means players no longer need to download, extract and install haks. Whenever changes are made that would in the past require hak updates you will now just automatically download the content before connecting to the server. Note: there is no way to speed this process up for the first time even if you already have the old layonara haks. In addition while the download will be large the first time, future downloads will be much smaller.

New Features and Bug Fixes
The extent of the improvements made and bugs fixed in NWN:EE can be viewed in this log of updates at Steam. (some are still in the dev edition) I have also added some great new feature enhancements and fixed a lot of issues specific to Layonara. Over the coming while I will outline some of these features so they're used and passed along. To get you started please make sure to read the updated online help system using =c help
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Definitely try to run it on your current system and see how it performs.  Alternatively, look at Ubuntu which it appears NWN EE runs on natively. Then I would use Wine to run your on-prem Office software. No costs above the NWN EE costs.

This is all good advice if XP doesn't work out. That's what I run as my NWN:EE client, Ubuntu 18. And for all my office suite I use Libreoffice.
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Feel free to consult me before buying but I think for the headache that can come from attempting an upgrade of XP to 7 plus installing new graphics drivers the cost of that would be close enough to just grab a refurb instead. Here's another option right here.
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It says on some of the NWN EE descriptions that you need an OS of windows 7 or higher.  So, my brother and I only run windows XP right that gona be a problem?

Yes. If you're still running XP I also worry about your graphics cards too. NWN:EE will support 10 year old type hardware but not 20 and the same goes for the software drivers needed. I don't know what your hardware is so I can't comment on the upgrade path or cost. Nor do I know what else you use your PCs for but if you want to continue on with Layonara you're going to have to upgrade to at least Win7 or move to Linux or if it's in your budget consider an altogether new (refurb) machine, even something like this will suffice.
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A lot more details to come.

Expected migration is a couple of weeks, could be sooner, could be later, may depend on testing but there are administrative tasks that need to be performed as well.

Speaking of testing though, I'm going to need testers so if you have EE already and want to help test please raise your hand in this thread. You will need to be accessible via Discord to help test.

Again, I'll have a post(s) in this thread with a lot more information but I wanted to start with an official heads up and let people know if they don't yet have EE it will be needed soon.
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Layonara Server / Re: Post here if the Server needs to be restarted
« on: March 27, 2019, 02:34:53 pm »
Just FYI the server was just restarted.

Maybe for the last time everrrr dun dun dun
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Bug Reports / Re: GMW and Eschew I
« on: March 27, 2019, 01:37:06 pm »
This was discussed 14 years ago, I don't know why you guys can't keep these things in memory! ;) :P

The last two replies pretty much sum things up.

It's now possible to consider the caster level so it may be easier but then it's also a question of balance. I'll consider making eschew caster level and not highest inate level.
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Forum Discussion / Re: New messages wont stop showing as unread
« on: March 12, 2019, 05:11:12 pm »
Try changing your Display personal messages: option on the below page from "As a conversation" to "One at a time" then read them. This isn't the best fix, but I've had no luck trying other ones.
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Layonara Server / Re: Post here if the Server needs to be restarted
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:59:28 pm »
Server restarted.
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Ask A Gamemaster / Re: Chakar's Will
« on: February 23, 2019, 11:55:04 pm »

Our policy (see the last point in this post) has always been that the will be posted prior to the permanent death. This was to avoid cases where players just selectively gifted whoever happened to still be left instead of a formal list and was used to avoid simplistic muling.

Do you have any logs or anything discussing this transaction from Chakar to Glitch? Can you show any examples of a bond that they had such that an entire house would be gifted?

I'm inclined to just go a bit lax in this case as you are still active with your other character and we're such a small community that being heavy handed on rules is not my style but I even wonder if Glitch really needs another whole new home and its contents heh. There's also the past where we've denied others and I wonder if that will be an upsetting point for someone else who was denied such a transaction.

I guess what I'm asking is how bad do you two want this? Heh.

Over the last couple of years, the prevalence of character wills, distributable upon the final death of a character, have become more popular and unfortunately more complex, intricate and difficult to adjudicate. There have been several in relatively recent history that have become very time-consuming for the Team to decide upon and handle. As a result, we have decided it is necessary to set some realistic limits on what can be included and distributed by a character's will.

Houses – A character can gift his/her house and all its contents as a single unit to a single beneficiary. This beneficiary must be a player character, not a guild, group or family. When multiple houses (except guild halls) are owned by the character, each house must be gifted to a different character. The GM Team will absolutely not approve or participate in any partial distributions of housing contents. This applies also to donating the contents of chests and things to various causes in-game. With the advent of our generic in-game donation system, such donations will become the sole responsibility of the beneficiary.

Bank account – A character can gift the entire balance of his/her bank account balance in True to a single beneficiary. This beneficiary must be a player character, not a guild, group or family. Any splitting of gold between other potential beneficiaries becomes the responsibility of the named beneficiary. The GM Team will not disburse gold to more than one character.

Items in possession upon death – While a will may include the stipulation that items in the character's possession at the time of death be given to one or more beneficiaries, there will under no circumstances be any items retrieved or distributed by the GM Team as a result. This means we will not be allowing a permanently dead character to be logged in for the purpose of distributing items in the character's possession to one or more beneficiaries, nor will we be creating new items from the palette and handing them to characters as a representation of their inheritance. For example, if a character wishes to leave an heirloom sword to his/her offspring (who is another PC), that beneficiary will have the RP of having received that sword, perhaps delivered by the companions who traveled with the permed character or some other reasonable explanation. The GM Team will not provide any such physical item in any way. If the beneficiary wishes to obtain a like item through other means, it is acceptable to RP that item as the same one received through inheritance, but the beneficiary is not required to do so. (I.E. purchasing or finding through looting a sword that is the same as the item given to the beneficiary from the permed PC and roleplaying that it is the same item.) It is perfectly fine to RP the item intangibly as well.

Intangible items – A character will may specify any number of intangible, RP-only items to be given away on death (i.e. a treasured book, a collection of sketches, etc.) to any number of beneficiaries. The GM Team will not, however, hand out anything as a result. Beneficiaries should assume they received these objects and RP their possession.

Donations – A character will may stipulate gold and/or items be donated to a deity or other cause. If the items are accessible, such as in chests or crates within player housing, then it falls to the beneficiary to see to the donation. If they are intangible items, then they will be considered to be donated as specified.

Timing – All wills, without exception, must be posted on the forums prior to the final death of a character or else they will be null and void.
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Fixed Bugs / Re: Whirlwind attack bug?
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:23:31 pm »
Should be fixed now, script was updated dynamically. After the whirlwind you will need to re-engage an enemy.
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Fixed Bugs / Re: Whirlwind attack bug?
« on: February 08, 2019, 11:19:33 pm »
Apparently this still isn't working. Got to look into it.
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Important Layonara Announcements / Re: 2018-2019 Holiday Bonus Event
« on: January 25, 2019, 05:05:38 pm »
Not sure why I had this set to end on a Thursday, bonus event ends 23:59:59 on Sunday Jan. 27.
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Layonara Server / Version 3.72 Is Online!
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:45:35 pm »
Just a quick patch update with a few fixes

  • Fix battletide weirdness permanently (was fixed in dynamic scripts)
  • Fix animation bugs on some creatures
  • Fix some traps being able to be recovered when they shouldn't be after a reset
  • Fix random quest's not resetting after 5 days
  • Store subrace appearance on sql DB not Bioware DB
  • We don't need 10 separate card game areas, dropped it to 5
  • Clean up old items in the palette that are unused
  • Make the PC pick up a disarmed weapon or if their inventory is full tell the whole party that it's on the ground
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Fixed Bugs / Re: Weird & Mind Immune Monsters
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:30:24 am »
I think the Destroyer's are immune to mind, but the Ravagers are not immune to mind; my best recollection.

Thanks for the tip davidhoff, some of the Layo Fire Giant Destroyers do wear Cowl of Wardings, yes, which would give them mind spell immunities. Must have been a sale on oversized ones and they bought them in bulk.
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Fixed Bugs / Re: Disarm bug(possibly)
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:03:31 am »
I've added some logic to fire onunaquire_item

If the player is in combat and drops a melee or ranged weapon they will automatically pick it up. If there's no room in their inventory it will send a floating string to the player and all their party members saying it's left on the ground.

This means you can't ever attempt to drop a weapon while in combat, it will just automatically pick it back up. I don't see that being any issue as I don't see that case happening. Worst case you have to wait for combat to end.
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