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The Heretic - Inactive for quests, active for forums
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:26:14 pm »
DM name: The Heretic Forum Name: EdTheKet NWN Account name: EdTheKet Age: 33 Sex: Male Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Well, what would you like to know. Why The Heretic perhaps? That one's easy, my last name, means 'of the Heresy' in English, so then it's a really short step to Heretic. ;) How did I get here? I got NWN shortly after it was released but never finished the OC, since boredom set in. When SoU came out, I bought it, started over with NWN and played right into SoU. Then I decided it might be fun to play online, registered at Neverwinter Connections, accidentally clicked on Layonara, and there I was. I joined Layonara in September 2003, first only playing my dwarven wizard, Brac'ar Fireface. I had never done and roleplaying before so I kind of jumped in head first, feeling like a complete newbie. When a slot for a Dark Elf opened up, I read up on the drow, got fascinated and I decided to apply for one and soon after the "ever-friendly" Zaraun of the House of Torlyl could be seen in the streets of Hlint. I think around March 2004 I applied for a Quest GM position and a bit to my surprise (since I had only been RP'ing for 4 months and had never DM'ed before), I got the job :). Shortly after that I got to writing stuff about the drow in Layo as well as 'creating' the drow goddess Vierdri'ira, from there the writing sucked me in leading to the first Campaign Handbook in August 2004. About a year later, we did a 'minor' update, adding over a hundred pages to it. I've been enjoying myself immensely with running quests, it's always surprising that when you think you've thought things through and you got all the avenues of approach in a quest covered that there is still some other way you hadn't thought of that a party comes up with and you need to bring in your improvisation skills (which adds to the fun, I might add). Too bad I haven't run a quest for a while. Something on my quests and some requests/FYIs: Most of my quests are run in the GMT evenings or weekends, since I am in the GMT+1 zone. I always use sign-ups, since that allows me to prepare for the number of players that'll be joining my quest, however, there's some things I want to add about sign-ups that apply for my quests: - Sign ups are mandatory. If there's a limit to the number of players, the signups go first, even if you're there early. -if you sign up but do not show and have not given notice, I will not allow you on the next quest that you do sign up for. - If you sign-up and you're late your spot can be assigned to somebody from the reserve list. You having signed up will then not be a guarantee for participating (I will not immediately re-assign the spot to somebody else, but on average, if you're 15 minutes late you have a chance of having lost your spot :) ) - Ed's blunt interpretation of the Calem rule applies: "Acting stupid will get you killed", less bluntly "Actions have consequences". Also (but this is probably clear), if an entire party gets themselves killed, it's generally the end of the quest. I don't do deus ex machina raises. - If a quest turns into endless discussions amongst party members, remember that the clock is ticking and events will continue to unfold and you may be too late. - Use that dicebag! - I never did PnP. 1's are not auto failures (but pretty bad) and 20's are not guaranteed I-WIN rolls (but pretty good). - I may allow some spells or rituals that are not in the NWN spell list. IF RPed properly (i.e. *cast Speak with Dead* is not, you'll have to give me some ritual :) - Think out of the box! (That means don't think you're limited by NWN mechanics. So if there is a rockface which you can't pass, I may allow you to climb it if you have a rope for example). That's about it, my contact details are in my profile if you got questions. My Gallery has some picture series of previous quests I ran.