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Coming back again

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*johnny silently leans against the wall hiding in the shadows watching Slag go crazy, a slight chuckle can be heard from a corner amongst the clatter*

Did you get this sorted?  I assume you did since I've seen you in game, but..Looking at your example it appears by the dates you still haven't actually extracted the hak contents to the appropriate folders using a utility yet, just copied the hak and tlk files to the hak and tlk directories.  That make sense to you? 

Yes I did thanks. It was as you said. I have done it three or four times now over the years but I'm not very computer savvy. I have learned a lot about character creation and building this time around too.Regards,Eltalstro

Hail and well met!

My laptop died and with it my time in Layonara. Finally got a new laptop and have started playing NWN again. I've mostly been playing Diamond Edition but have purchased EE and I'd like to get back into Layonara too. There is a chance that my PC may have owed a coin or two here or there. My apologies and if you still have the IOU lying around I'll be happy to pay it. Now to figure out how to get back in. Also, how many years would a dwarf have aged in 5 RL years?

Kind Regards,

Weeping Lily:
Welcome back eltalstroneves!

The server is running on version 8193.16 of the enhanced edition, so your client should run on the same version as well. With the addition of nwsync, you no longer have to keep track of the various hak files there used to be, but your client will download all the required files you need to get started.

Your old characters should be still around, too! It is best to create a test character so orth can migrate your old characters to the server. If you do have additional questions, just let us know or you can also poke us on discord. You find the link to it on the sidebar. If not, here is the direct link:

Regarding the age, we have a useful time converter on our wiki:

5 RL years are equal to around 21 years IG (we slowed down time at some point). So as a dwarf, not that much time has passed to your character :)



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