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Came back for a look in 09 but RL got in the way. It was a little sad to see how empty the world was compared to 06. It looks like some players are coming back? I'm going to try to get a new character underway this weekend. Nothing beats Layonara RP.Regards,Eltalstro

Hi there hope you can get in. Any old PCs you had will still be there. You generally speaking need to work a little harder to get people on server at the same time as you but otherwise the RP is still there.

Welcome back... If you need any help give a shout.-Rave

Thanks,I'm having my usual issues installing the hak, tlk, heads and portraits. I've set them up in my NWN directory with their own folders and then extracted them in these folders but I really have no idea what I'm doing. Lost my discs so I'm using the COG downloads. The standard game runs fine but the heads pack and potraits pack don't appear to be working. I took a couple of screenshots which may or may not prompt you to laugh hysterically at my technological ineptitude.RegardsEltalstro

Just wanted to give a massive thanks to the community. All of the players have been hugely supportive and the RP and adventuring has been great fun. In truth I told myself I'd never come back. If I'm being honest with myself, Layonara was a serious addiction for me and I've been putting in a few hours already since coming back. It just really is that enjoyable. I was disappointed originally when Leanther posted saying that Layo would not transition to NWN2 but I'm sure there were good reasons behind the scenes. It is sad to see so much of what people built lying idle but the game goes on. In the interim between finishing and coming back I have played NWN2 (which I thought was pretty good), Dragon Age (which seemed shallow as far as character development), Oblivion (I wish I hadn't wasted the time), Skyrim (classic but still missing something), Path of Exile (free online hack and slash made in NZ like me (not the hack and slash bit)), Icewind Dale (at last), and the Neverwinter MMO (cheesy, funpark hack and slash) and a few others not worth mentioning. Nothing had the soul of Layonara. Not even close. Single player modules just can't ever stack up. MMOs might as well be huge virtual paintball games. Anyway, thanks again to all of the players that have been so welcoming and patient. If you see Slag IG he will ask you where to find an anvil as he nearly tore the Center craft hall apart looking for one today.


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