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Author Topic: Dangit Orth, why you do this to me! xD  (Read 300 times)


Dangit Orth, why you do this to me! xD
« on: May 29, 2017, 10:56:00 am »
He gave me the itch again, and I am back, lol. Hello everyone, my name is James aka StilleVande. I live in Forney Texas, along with the wifey and 2 boys, Archer age 6, and Sullivan are 4. I am a linux administrator by trade, been doing it close to 10 years now. I also host gameservers at home as a past time, but I won't get into that here due to conflict of interest, lol. :)I used to play under the account AutisticWunderr (back when I had a little less cares over things, heh) over a decade ago. Played a Wood Elf Ranger/Mage named Ameng Englen.How many people here played when I did and remember her?I was thinking about bringing her back, but how to I bring back a PC thats been gone over a decade? She was part of alot of things way back in the day that most likely shaped some parts of lore here, so I'm trying to think of a good reason besides her just being secretive, and not telling anyone her past.Also, when I do login with my new account, can I move her to that one? I want the name of AutisticWunderr to slowly die away, lol. 
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Hey, welcome back. I vaguely
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Hey, welcome back. I vaguely recall the account, but I think Ameng was before my time, though we may have crossed paths. If you want to revive her, you wouldn't be the first to resurrect an old PC with many years between. It's easier with an elf, at least, as in-world it's been 64 years since her last login. Maybe she was just on vacation! In addition to the IC changes you'd expect over such a period of time (wars ending, starting, ending again, etc), there have also been many lore changes that are retroactive, so while we're free for the most part to RP our old experiences amongst ourselves, most probably need at least some tweaking to fit in with canon. Unfortunately, characters are not transferred between accounts, so while you can of course make a new character, you would need to play on your original account in order to play Ameng.

A recap for her, if you like -

Sinthar Bloodstone was destroyed and is once again a legend of the past - along with the Dragoncalled, as Ozlo died defending the Great Oak. Blood's death and that of his Bloodwell left lasting impact in the form of a volcanic winter of sorts that lasted for 20 years and devastated the world, and the deep dwarf that headed his forces to conquer Prantz rules there, still, spreading his influence over the land and below the surface. The dragons in hiding crept back into sight, but another force rose to wipe them out and control them, called the Green Dragon Cult. They built their forces, took over the kingdom of Kuhl on Belinara (once Xantril when home to General Xandrial), and made war on other continents with the help of corrupted dragons under their control. The final stages of this war cost many thousands of lives and reshaped borders.

Kuhl retreated behind ironclad borders and will surely emerge to challenge the world order again, but as kingdoms tend to their own lands and people in war's wake, there was never again enough support to risk prodding them to see what they are up to.

More recently, constellations shifted in the sky, becoming fodder for doomsayers the world over. The stars belonging to the Couple, Lucinda, Ilsare, Shindalaria, Dorand, and Aragen, all moved in some strange pattern with one another, referred to in some places as the Seven. Fears of a strange, magical disease called Fastrot spark panics in the world for the manner in which all afflicted die. The affected are not large in number in any one area, but cases appear across continents. They stop, eventually, and Rael opens its borders once more, claiming to have discovered its nature and effectively safeguarded its people against it.

Clashes with dragons still occur, almost always small, previously unknown ones, sometimes attempting to claim tribute from a town or village, or caught hunting. Odd stories have since been circulating, where the dragons are stunned, shocked, or otherwise sent away by a "hero" who could previously have been anyone - a child or a seamstress. The most notable exception to the stories is that of the Five, a tale brought to other shores by travelers from Liwich Kingdom, where heralds of the Black Plague have spread word of a band of adventurers, mercenaries, knights, thieves, pirates - or anything else the storyteller might embellish with - who attacked the dragon in his lair and are to blame for the retribution he will now take on the surrounds.

The Wasting Death has returned to Liwich, and there is fear of it escaping its borders or landing on distant shores. As of yet, no cure has been made. 

On more local and personal levels, of course many other things have occurred. This is more the global overview since her time. :)



Welcome Stille!  I was around
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Welcome Stille!  I was around while you were, however, I unfortunately don't recall an Ameng.  My character was slightly reserved though and usually quite rude/mean/bigotted/etc., which made meeting new players hard at times, heh.

I play an elf named Lia Di'Makiir whom I resurrected (almost literally) to roam the world again as an adventurer, hiding from her enemies and thus not entirely revealing who she once was.  I'm usually semi-active, though recent times have made it hard, I hope to see you in game.  Orth added quite a few really cool features recently (you will also notice some really cool features added since a decade, the fortune system being one of them ;)) which leades to plenty to explore and enjoy.



Yes Welcome Stille!.Though I
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2017, 07:25:20 pm »

Yes Welcome Stille!.

Though I do not remember you character ,Looking forward to having you here. However you choose to play be it new one or continuing your old one, there are many features that have made the game more enjoyable, like Adventure quests, saved mapping recall after server reset,  better armor modifications, different attack styles, named weapons for fighters, training a bow for archers, Saving and recalling different spells in your spell book with a few keystroke commands. upgrade emote commands and easier die roll checks.

and dont forget what makes Layonara the great place which it has always been known for, the awsome people that work tirelessley behind the scenes to make this all possible.  A big thanks  go out to them.

hmm.. I wonder where this  goes.