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Author Topic: Greetings and Salutations!  (Read 29 times)


Greetings and Salutations!
« on: November 28, 2008, 01:50:51 am »
In case you didn't guess, I'm new!

I'm looking forward to do some RPing, and hopefully some interesting character building with you guys and girls. I've got a bit of experience when it comes to RPing, so I know what makes sense, what goes, and what doesn't. And I appreciate grammar.

Firstly, I need some help with putting my character concept(s) into a character submission. Which ever works better for a new player to the server is the suggestion I'll go with.

Concepts are as follows;
1. A Roman Centurion based character, loosely based of the character Caius Merlyn Britannicus in the book The Eagle's Brood by Jack Whyte. Personality wise, he is a wise younger man with an aptitude for warfare, political subterfuge, and inspiration of men. He is a goodly aligned person however, so his political subterfuge mainly centers around protecting innocents. He is a warrior, and leader of men by trade however.
    I was thinking that this would be a fighter/bard combination, but I realized I have little to no prestige capabilities for that, other than weapons master, in which case it would have to be either longsword specialized, or greatsword.

2. A Celtic tribe based giant of a man(human that is), with some vocal ability. Also based of a character from the Eagle's Brood book by Jack Whyte, loosely based on Uther Pendragon, the cousin of Caius. Barbarian/Bard. He can be pragmatic at times however; he's not retarded (10 intelligence at least, I want characters who are properly sociable.) Again, a leader of men, but in a more tribal fashion. Also, Good aligned. Skald would be my prestige class of choice.

So, all you server experts, advise me. What should these builds look like on my application, and which holds more promise for longevity and survivability?

I appreciate and thank you for any and all advice.

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