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« on: April 10, 2007, 03:19:53 am »
Hum what to write what to write?

Well lets go at it simple and easy.

My name is Emmanuel Chayer, I'm 29 years old and I live in Montreal Quebec (Canada). My Dada is music and composing, been playing since I was 9 years old started with Piano, Violin, Guitar, Drums and Bass Rythm guitar and lead signer for my band. Studied in the field of the music industry, studio recording, producing, managing etc. And now I am self employed in my field. Not very easy, mostly word to mouth, but thank God I only need one or two contract a year to live well.

Started playing here about 11 months ago with my 15 years old char that I used to play in every rpg I was in even PNP, Rain In'Darsus (in limbo right now). His story changed over the years, also what he did but I always came back to my favorite one time an other, the Ranger.

Some of you know me from my freelancer's days, where I developed a good friendship with Anamnesis and Nehetsrev. Nehetsrev is actually the one who enticed me to come here on Layo, then me and him tagged up to get his wife here *evil grin* And since then this have been my main RP world. Spent countless hours here as you can see in my xfire tag (it's not even the real number as some time I forgot to log onto it and my first 2 months I didn't have it at all).

well as you can imagine, I enjoy music, games movies, martial arts and reading. Some time doing a few of those things at the same time. Playing here while watching a movie and playing my guitar *lol* It's true, and not a half bad cook either.

Anyhow this is a slight piece of me, if you want to know more well, get to know me hehe.:D

Witch Hunter

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Much respect to you there, the music industry is a hard one.