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Well, since my husband just posted, seems reasonable to follow.
I'm Jill, 39, mother of one, chemist, half-orc monk and total geek. You'll see me in game occasionally but lately I've been caught up in the Writing Team for Layo :) .
I've been playing PnP since I was 14 (I had Keep on the Borderlands...yes I did...) and GM'd as well. Layo is a fantastic community, I welcome you who are new and urge you to read all the material available to you! The Writing Team works hard to continually add depth to the world along with those who quest and the GMs, so be sure to check out the Handbook along with the FAQs and Server Rules.
*waves and goes back to writing*

Ok, yes.  I clicked the "Thanks" button.  It was gratuitous, but if I have to click something that says "Thanks" logic would dictate it be my wife's first post.

Oh gods, we're going to abuse this aren't we?  *giggles*

*chuckles* naw.

I still have Keep on the Borderlands.


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