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Hello from Leanthar

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Yeah thanks, I barely new roleplaying till I joined, and I like to think I've learned something.

Layo consistently outperforms every other server I've played on/heard of, and continues to astonish me with its versatility and depth.  And this is after a full year on it.  Go L, go team... go everyone!

Dan, your dream of Layo has given me some the most fun I have ever had.
For all the time and leadership you have put thanks for all that and the 1000 other things you do to make every here have so much fun.

All the best to you and yours

My only regret here is that I'm not rich enough to send you a couple thousand dollars a month. Seriously. That's how much Layo has impacted/improved my life.


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Enjoy the community and the world!
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Always have, always will. :)


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