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Hello Everybody!
Who am I? Hmm....just a normal every day guy that had a fantastic group of Pen and Paper players that were enjoying a tiny place called Layonara. Then I brought it online....what a difference and what growth!
I am a father of four wonderful children (18 (Heather), 17 (Skyler), 15 (Sierra), and 4 (Raylynn)) who are so very talented and smart in thier own ways. *smiles* Yes, those are the words of a proud father.
I also have the best wife in the world. Beverly is just fantastic! She supports me in all I do, she encourages me and she helps out when and where she can. Brilliant, talented, and beautiful, she is a great lady!
I like in Oakhurst California, just 10 miles south of Yosemite National Park, in the Sierra Mountains. Essentially right smack in the middle of the state if you are ever looking for it on a map.
I can't say enough about the teams that support Layonara. We have all been blessed to have found so much talent, quality, genuine friends, and intelligence here at Layonara. Without them (all of the teams) we would not be what we are now and where we are going.
Layonara is the third world that I created as a Game Master for my Pen and Paper players. It actually combines parts of all of the other worlds and all that I learned as I was creating things from before. I enjoy the creation process if one didn't realize that by those statements. *smiles*
Remember: If it feels off or wrong it probably is and you should think before doing it. Help us to help the community, do what is right in all you do.
Enjoy the community and the world!

Witch Hunter:
Big L you're the man if you can't do it no one can!

woohoo :)

A big thanks to Beverly and your kids for sharing you with our community!

I know nothing about this whole rp thing except what I have learned on Layo. I cannot even imagine the amount of time, money, energy, and other resources you have put into bringing us this game. While I have nothing to compare Layo to, this being my first rp experience, I do know that you should be very proud of what you have done here. Congratulations and Thank you. I so completely enjoy my time here(except when I die, which seems far to regular lol). I am so glad that Layo was my first experience, I have no desire to look anywhere else. Home away from Home.

For countless hours of game play ( if not looking at my xfire counts =) ) A big thank you.


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