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Author Topic: You and your Role-Play  (Read 6533 times)


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    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #60 on: January 15, 2009, 02:37:06 pm »
    Forum Name: samdougken
    Login Name: samdougken
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
    Timezone: Eastern
    NwN Experience: Very little...very very little.
    PnP Experience: About 2 years.
    Occupation: Student
    Characters Played: Horhaz Goldnose

    What I like to see IG: good role play, forgiveness and leniency for new players like yours truly.  

    What I dislike to see IG: general impatience.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #61 on: January 16, 2009, 04:29:39 pm »
    *Points at post 22.*
    Playing D&D 3.5e, D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and exploring Starfinder through a VTT


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #62 on: March 04, 2009, 03:08:40 pm »
    Forum Name: Xaltotun
    Age: Old enough to know better
    Location: Ayr, Scotland
    Timezone: GMT/BST
    NWN Experience: Ever since it was first launched, both as player and GM
    Occupation: Training Consultant
    Characters Played: Xaltotun, Acco, Rank Badyin, Eleandilethessa Quil'lyn

    What I like to see IG:
    •   GM interactions, especially when you are collecting stuff for crafting as it breaks the 'normal’ mould.
    •   Off the cuff scenarios that throw you something to think about or something to do.
    •   Being allowed to think 'outside the box’ by the GM so you are not just limited by your feats or skills.
    •   Seeing new lands and other stuff.
    •   Getting the bejasus scared out of me when I come across some new monster that I think I will never be able to get round.
    •   Playing with other people from all over  the world - what a buzz.

    Thief Of Navarre

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      Re: You and your Role-Play
      « Reply #63 on: March 04, 2009, 05:35:12 pm »
      Forum Name: Thief Of Navarre
      Login Name: ThiefOfNavarre
      Age: 22
      Sex: Male
      Location: England
      Timezone: GMT
      NWN Experience: About nine of so years of roleplaying on various servers..
      PnP Experience: A decade of more..
      Occupation: Manual Labourer
      Characters played: Khalith

      What I like to see IG: Humour & Heart

      What I dislike to see IG: Chaotic idiots & Lawfull stupid: metagaming doesnt bother me in NWN


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        Re: You and your Role-Play
        « Reply #64 on: May 17, 2009, 10:14:15 am »
        Forum Name:ghostoruka
        Login Name:ghostoruka
        Age:Right in the middle of that age where you pee your pants and that age where you pee your pants
        Sex:The one that snickers when asked this question
        Location:Eastern North Carolina, USA
        NwN Experience:Enough that I don't remember the exact date...
        PnP Experience: Started playing with friends in the military around 1990 and off and on since then
        Occupation:Military careening toward retirment
        Characters Played: Working on that

        What I like to see IG: Characters that act and react within good RP bounderies.

        What I dislike to see IG:Elitist RP cliques that make it difficult for new players to feel welcome. Meladramatic and moody RP Loooooovvvvve triangles...


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          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #65 on: May 20, 2009, 11:04:18 am »
          Forum Name: bdabaum
          Login Name: bdabaum
          Age: 29
          Sex: Male
          Location: USA
          Timezone: Mountain
          NWN Experience: Been playing for about 5 years, a few networked games.
          PnP Experience: 4 years
          Occupation: Software Engineer
          Characters played: Waiting on approval. PnP I've played Barbarian, Wizard, and Druid

          What I like to see IG: Wit and patience(I'm still learning and need it)

          What I dislike to see IG: RL


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #66 on: June 09, 2009, 12:24:47 pm »
          Forum Name: Fidzy
          Login Name: Fidzy
          Age: 42
          Sex: Male
          Location: Montreal (area), Québec, Canada
          Timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
          NwN Experience: Since Xmas 2008, but played Baldur's Gate series and NWN2 (yes..) before
          PnP Experience: None
          Occupation: Programmer and integrator, e-commerce
          Characters Played: Phobo for now

          Other considerations:
          My first learned language is french. I have learned english in secondary school (8th grade) and am now learning spanish.  You may find my english laborious.  If you notice incorrect sentences or conjugasions please let me know, in a tactfull manners, of course.

          What I like to see IG:
          Comradery, sharing, play (theateric, tragic, clown, etc.)

          What I dislike to see IG:
          1) endless chatting...  Would it be possible to have an IRC chamber to chat before coming in game?
          2) It's antipod... No reaction at all.  At least, if your character is muted or dumb let it know and express his/her feelings.
          3) You're in a party, you've loot something please identify it (or let know) who know's someone may need it.


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #67 on: June 09, 2009, 01:02:41 pm »
          Forum Name: Minstrel
           Login Name: Travelling_Minstrel
           Age: 23, though the mental age of a senile old man.
           Sex: Male
           Location: England.
           Timezone: Er... Englandy. GMT.
           NwN Experience: A year or so.
           PnP Experience: A few games over the course of a year during my teens.
           Occupation: Student.
           Characters Played: Here? Or everywhere? Well, here I've just reborn an NPC as a real character, after giving him a fresh coating of backstory. Venny Pallens.
           What I like to see IG: In-town Roleplay. Characters that develop through actions more than levels. OOC problems solved quickly without needing DM's. Every character being much, much more than a simple combination of class, race, and alignment. People with real goals and roles, above and beyond getting the next level. Gelatinous cubes.
           What I dislike to see IG: (So much... :P ) Things that break immersion, like people running through towns and resting in the middle of the road. OOC bickering that gets nothing solved. Clique groups. Excessive levelling at the expense of real RP and plot. Excessive use of rolls without RP backing it. Metagaming, dungeon premonition, Badly-played Clerics, Greatswords, Badly-played Clerics with Greatswords, powerbuilds, dump stats. Evil equalling Rude, Good equalling Polite. PvP = Evil. People ignoring RP in favour of XP.... (Yeah, and I wonder why I left my last servers.:\\ )

          Vrugor the Great

          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #68 on: June 09, 2009, 01:41:39 pm »
          Forum Name: Vrugor the Great
          Player Name: Holy Hopping Hell Hoppers
          Character Name: Vrugor Hexzcor (Very soon!)
          Age: 115 x 2 - 330 + 15 - 1 + 1.5 - 0.5.
          Location: My room.
          GMT: British Time!
          NWN XP: Since 2003.
          Game XP: Various games, starting with Quake 2 back when I was 3.
          Gameplay XP: 12 years.
          PnP: N/A
          Occupation: GCSE Student.
          Sex: Not till I'm married! (Abstinance until marriage)
          Gender: Male!
          Alignment RL: Chaotic Neutral.

          What I HATE to see IG:
          1.Non-descriptive characters unless they are an uncommon race, in which case it would help to see if they were this race or that race.

          2.Meta-gamers (full coverage excluding the need to exit the game for personal matters).

          3.Hackers, Cheaters, Bad Gamesmen, Racists, Griefers and Bad DM's.

          4.Txt tlk, anything that interrupts a good bit of RP. Excessive Romance and Catchphrases.

          5.(final one) Anybody with the username: Thunderlamb DM. (Personal reasons :) )

          What I love IG: The opposite of the above. Oh and people who care for the player and their feelings.:)


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #69 on: June 14, 2009, 08:26:57 am »
          Forum Name:superdoofus
          Character Name:Castor Goodshot.
          Location:Eastern USA time


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #70 on: October 16, 2010, 08:15:11 am »
          Forum Name: morunas
          Login Name: morunas
          Age: 22
          Sex: Male
          Location: Copenhagen, Denmark (though Portuguese)
          Timezone: GMT+1 (Copenhagen)

          NwN Experience: Started playing NWN mid 2001, have 8 years on Legends of Chance action server, joined Layo 2010 by advice of geloooo.

          PnP Experience: D&D pnp player since 12 yo, DM since 14 yo. Nothing beats good ol' pnp D&D, specially edition 3.5 (mixed with 3.0 spells). Don't like "pre-made worlds and pre-made quests"... way too bottled up to be funny. I make my own worlds and then the players quest on it to whatever they wish to do... I just make the world flow with events but they do whatever they want!

          Occupation: MSc student in Enterprise Information Systems and Information Technologies (looking for a part-time btw! :P)

          Characters Played: Morunas Khan Val, Lum and hopefully soon... Jinxy Lil'Branch.

          What I like to see IG: Story flow coherence, DMs guidance/events, entertainment, good environment, dedicated LORE-rich RP, no "just xp grinding", system complexity, customized appearance.  

          What I dislike to see IG: Only few players :( reasonless xp grinding :/ NWN visual limitations (can't fly... can't swim... can't jump... can't pass through walls... can't dig and go underground... can't climb...)... but REAL ig stuff it's rare to not like in Layo :) everybody RPs good enough for me ^^ who am I to critic ;)

          Why I keep coming back: Good entertainment, good environment, BEST approach to D&D I EVER found (BETTER then DDO) and one of the great factors... awesome GM and LORE support ;) hurray for Layonara


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #71 on: October 16, 2010, 08:53:23 am »
          Forum Name: xsweetpeaxs

          Login Name: xsweetpeaxs (yes, I made it easy on myself and others, you're welcome, lol)

          Age: 22

          Sex: Female

          Location: California

          Timezone: PST

          NwN Experience: None.

          PnP Experience: None. Before Layo, I've played L4D, Halo, Animal Crossing (hey, don't give me that look, :o  I know you've played it before..hehehe), etc.. mostly cooperative shooting games.  

          Occupation: Business Student, hoping to take my GMAT next year.

          Characters Played: Kylie Copperstone & Esme Minniwyn

          What I like to see IG: More cooking recipes, more charc's emotes, more clothing options, more houses available to be purchased, PvP (haven't seen any yet, maybe a few will spice things up? :rolleyes: ), quests, and random travel/exploring trips with great party.

          What I dislike to see IG: Rude players that have no respect for others, yes, we all know it's RP and if your charc is a jerk, so be it but don't force your ideas/opinions on others OOCly too, it's disgusting! Ignorance is not bliss. Being stuck at the same lvl of crafting due to lack of resources.. *sigh* anyone would like to donate an emerald for me to practice gem cutting? :p


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #72 on: October 17, 2010, 11:15:07 am »
          Forum Name: Kaail
          Login Name: Kaail
          Age: 15 (16 in January)
          Sex: Male
          Location: Ingahlund!
          Timezone: GMT
          NwN Experience: Layonara, chaotic world and all other incarnations thereof, A Carpathian Nightmare
          PnP Experience: lots l4d2 age of empirees mass effect 1/2 spore halo 1/2/3/odst dawn of war just cause dirt2 command and conquer generals/zero hour
          Occupation: Still in school
          Characters Played: Frak, Godrik Marksson, some others that I didn't really like

          What I like to see IG: Good rp, fun rp, gm quests, impromptu quests, something that makes having most of the other players only able to come on late in the evening worthwhile

          What I dislike to see IG: Blatant cheating, disrespect, farting around waiting for all the americans to come on cos I'm GMT :(


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            Re: You and your Role-Play
            « Reply #73 on: August 27, 2011, 02:16:39 am »
            Forum Name:Umbada
            Login Name:Umbada
            Age: 34 .. yikes (it goes so fast)
            Sex: Male
            Location: Michigan

            NwN Experience: Newborn
            PnP Experience: DnD, Warhammer, Rift, WoW, TF2, Lots of random gaming experience.
            Occupation: System Admin

            I have played quite a few toons ranging from crazy gnome scientists to pure thug ogres.  The only limit to gaming is your own creativity.

            What I like to see IG: Creativity, Participation, Group Effort, Progress, Growth, Lots of Laughs, and Good Times

            What I dislike to see IG: Anger for No Reason, Cheating, Taking Advantage of Others, and Piety


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              Hi, I'm a new player here,
              « Reply #74 on: January 16, 2015, 08:16:00 pm »
              Hi, I'm a new player here, thought I'd register and take a peek. I hope to see you all in game soon.
              Forum Name: AGrinningMonkey
              Login Name: AGrinningMonkey
              Age: 28
              Sex: Male
              Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
              Timezone: AEST, GMT +10
              NwN Experience: Many years, tried many different rp servers.
              PnP Experience: Some during adolescence as a player.
              Occupation: It's a secret.
              Characters Played: None here yet.
              What I like to see IG: Conflicts resolved in an IC manner without torrents of ooc comments, plots, storylines, creative and immersive emoting/dialogue.
              What I dislike to see IG: OOC complaining. **row edit for forum rules compliance*
              Why I keep coming back to nwn: The escapism it provides.