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Tithian Demejis

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    Hi there!
    « on: August 20, 2008, 10:32:14 am »
    Just wanted to say hi as the newest member of your community! :-)

    Was prowling the net for an rp-enforced MMO and came across this. I'm an Underlight veteran, so roleplaying in an online game is definitely nothing new to me(UL is probably one of the most immersive RPGs I've ever played.) I did have a few questions, however...

    1) Roleplay is enforced?
    2) How active are GMs in-game?
    3) How much impact do players have on the storylines in-game?
    4) How large is your player base?
    5) What's the best server to use as far as active roleplays go?
    6) I'm not too familiar with the mechanics of Neverwinter Nights(downloading now, hehe) You can emote, yes? :-P
    7) What are peak playing times?
    8) I didn't see a tab for submitting a new character... a little help?

    I think that's it for now, LOL. Look forward to playing with you guys!


    Re: Hi there!
    « Reply #1 on: August 20, 2008, 11:24:03 am »
    In answer to your questions:

    • Not "enforced" per se, but speaking out of character should be denoted "//" and minimized.  A player who did nothing but speak OOC would likely be taken aside by a GM and asked if this is the server he should really be at.
    • Speaking for myself, I'm in-game as a GM perhaps four or five times a week for periods of varying length, and you can look at the calendar for scheduled quests.  It's a fair bet that at any given time, at least one GM will be around.
    • For the central plot, characters have a fair bit of sway (read the Timeline to get an idea of how characters have shaped the world.)  Don't expect to affect things on more than a municipal level when you first start, though.  As with anything, you work your way up to the world-altering events. ;)
    • According to my private count (which is fairly accurate) we have ~250 active characters.  Now, this amounts to about ~190-200 active players, as several players have more than one character who they play on a regular basis.  Graphs of Layonara.
    • Roleplaying in Layo occurs on ALL servers - and, in fact, the world is spread over the two servers.  West is the starting-out server... the level of lethality is about right for lower-level characters.  Central is much more dangerous, and is therefore restricted to characters of 8th-level and above.  so, in answer to your question, both servers are good for active roleplaying - but you're starting on West.
    • You can indeed emote.  You will rapidly find, however, that using the NWN built-in emotes system is somewhat more limited than the "triggered" emotes.  Typing something like *laughs* will cause your character to laugh.  Likewise *coughs*, *bows*, *reads*, etc.  See the LORE page on Emotes for greater detail there.
    • See Question 4.
    • New Players -> Character Submission Wizard.  Or, you know, click here.
    My advice to you is to read LORE.  We try to keep it as up-to-date as possible, and it includes server mechanics, rules, and world history.  Read as much of it as you can. :)

    And welcome, by the way!


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    Re: Hi there!
    « Reply #2 on: September 05, 2008, 10:44:37 am »