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Just wanting to say hello (and twiddle with the interface).
Name is Derek, 34 years old, never had any experience with RP or D&D, short of mocking it. Wife got me involved last year and I rolled a character that I had created in EQ. Turns out, I couldn't RP him and it was just not fun. Add to that a rather unpleasant experience with a GM and I left for other games.
After seeing my wife continue to have fun, I decided to create Galen and he's a much better fit. Much more enjoyable. Enough of me that I can be him, different enough that he's a challenge. Still learning, and stillmaking mistakes. Fortunately, I have met a group of people that I enjoy playing with and that are positive role-play role models.
Looking forward to meeting more people here and hopefully learning enough to be a role model myself.

Hey there Laldien, I noticed your Xfire image in your signature was not working, you can set it to:

--- Code: ---[NOPARSE][IMG][/IMG][/NOPARSE]
--- End code ---

And it should work again.

Edit: Heh, you fixed it, oh well I'll keep this here for other folks.


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