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Hello Layonara!

I am MusicalSiren, and I hope to soon be playing as Cytheria Raybeam. Though I'm a new player, I'm excited to be getting into this game. My dad has played this from the VERY beginning so I look forward to seeing what this game is all about.
I'm fairly new to roleplaying but I sure do love it! I guess I kind of take after my dad in that way-though I'll never admit it.
I look forward to meeting this community!


welcome Musical. ! glad to have ya!

Welcome to our little community.  We hope you like it,  and,  if you do,  that you'll help usher in a while new generation of players.   Let us know if you need help,  have questions,  etc.

Lane (Xiao Lin)

It was great to meet you guys in game. Fun times :)


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