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Chuckles_McChuck is my husband and after realizing we haven't played games together in a very long time (since having children) we decided to rectify that.

As I mentioned in the character submission, roleplaying a character is still new to me.  I'm a person who enjoys the simple characters, like a fighter, and jump right into the adventuring side of these games.

My husband says this is currently a very friendly community and I'm interested to see what's in store.  He has told me how fascinating it has been to refamiliarize himself with the world as areas get updated beautifully.  While I won't be sharing the exact same experience, I'm interested to see what apparently consumed a lot of his time prior to meeting him.

Hello and welcome!

cbnicholson/aka just about any Poetr in game. :P

Welcome aboard!

there can never be enough minions running about creating havoc, I expect no less  :D  Welcome !

Welcome to our home away from home.. and hopefully you'll feel the same soon!


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