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Returning after 10+ years
« on: April 19, 2015, 06:14:06 pm »
Hello everyone. I played Layonara probably at least 10 years ago. Went through some rough times and am looking forward to getting back into Layonara. I've sometimes thought of the game over the years and wondered how it has progressed. I'm really excited to experience the world again (probably with a lot of additions and changes!) and RP with y'all. If my understanding is correct, I'll just need to wait until someone approves me using one of the pre-made characters from the Stable, then I'll be given the password to direct connect to the server IP? I sure hope so, I'm ready!(Edit: It seems that the GOG version of NWN Diamond all use the same CD Key during installation and you must personally contact them for a unique key. Is this going to cause a problem when I try to play Layonara? I no longer have the game boxes which had my original keys. I hope it won't be a problem. Nothing else ever came close to the experiences I had in Layonara and I'm very eager to get back in the game!)
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Hi, there! You will want a
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Hi, there! You will want a unique key as it can cause problems.... let me dig up the thread on that....

Ah, here we are:


gilshem ironstone

GOG is pretty quick about
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GOG is pretty quick about getting a unique CD Key sent out too.



I too wanted to play and see
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I too wanted to play and see how things have progressed, got my same CD keys and a better computer, got all the downloads and logged on, all my characters were still there after I entered the correct username and a few things have changed, didnt see to many ppl..

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Hey! Hi! Yep, lots of changes
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Hey! Hi! Yep, lots of changes over the years. Lots of neat things added, modified, and streamedlined. Unfortunately, as you have noticed, there aren't a lot of people enjoying all of them additions, modifications, and streamlinings. :(


BUT! As each player comes back...that's one more than was here the day before! Don't be shy will the TELLS, at least not with me. If you see Charm or Kenzie on, shoot me a tell.



Thank fer stoppin and chattin
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Thank fer stoppin and chattin it up with X.. preciate it.


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Welcome back...-Rave
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Welcome back...