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Who is Blackguy
« on: March 14, 2007, 03:10:16 am »
My realname is Stefan Bakmann, and im a Dane. Already there you need to think, theres something wrong with that man.

Im 26years old, and live in a small city called Grenå. I live there with my girlfriend throug 7 years Mette, who is a nurse in the city.

I work as a IT-Technician for a compagny that sells eletronic medical journals for resident, and special doctors. This involes alot of driving aroundin the country, but I enojy this berak from the daily office work, and it gives me time to enjoy my country in a diffrent way than i could normally.

I started played games on the internet with Counter-Strike, actually First Person Shooters were my big passion back in my early days, starting with Wofenstein 3D, Doom, Doom II, Quake, Quake II, Duke Nukem, and so on. Thats also were I got my nickname from, Blackguy.

After a hectic life playing those games, I had to settle down, and find new ways of enjoying myself on the net.That was when I remeber I had a old game lying oni my shelf, called Neverwinter Nights. I dusted them off, and proceeded to install the game on my computer. I can't remember the way I got tuned into Layonara, but i think I may have looked at a top10 list of some sort, and I was immediately hooked. This was back in the late summer of 2004.

Anyways I had a few affairs with other types of MMORPG's on the internet. Dark age of Camelot, who I am stil not sure why I left, becaus it had the best PvP on the net any game could offer. And of course like the rest of the world I played WOW.

But I came back, because people from this community kept poking at me. Can you imagine that, people that you barely know, keeps writing to you 2½ years later, simply because you had a connection ingame. I think thats bloody amazing, and thats partly why I came back, to get that kinda friendships again on this server. So my thanks goes out for the G-man, Reventage and Ed who helped me settle in, after this long break.

But this time I wont be so easy to get rid off, so I hope your ready for me.
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