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Re: You and your Role-Play
« Reply #40 on: March 31, 2008, 12:31:11 am »
Forum Name: Xhenosfrost
Login Name: Undrin Kalos
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Location: Adelaide
Timezone: GMT +9:30
NwN Experience: Ive played both titles, Including all expansions. Right up too nwn 2 mask of the betrayer. In total game hours. gee i would hate to think of how much time ive actually played. Single player and Multiplayer.
PnP Experience: I had played 3.0 and continued up until 3.5 Dungeons and Dragon's. Also played 2 campaigns of Warhammer Fantasy. 3 campaigns of HARN. and also a few sessions on and off of. World of Darkness. (Vampire masquerade ).  DM for two DnD campaigns
Occupation: Management (Frontline) *Assistant Store Manager*
Characters Played: Undrin Kalos

What I like to see IG: Alot less cross class players. and alot more realistic character builds.

What I dislike to see IG: Arrogance, Obsessive players

Mr. Erth

Re: You and your Role-Play
« Reply #41 on: April 29, 2008, 02:38:05 pm »
Forum Name: Mr. Erth
Login Name: Erthule (I think)
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Location: Denmark
Timezone: GMT+1
NwN Experience: I've played some singleplayer (NwN+xp1&2 and NwN2), as well as a tiny bit of RP (Tried Moonshae Isles shortly, but sadly never got around to The Three Kingdoms).
PnP Experience: None. Sadly never found anyone to play with, but I've read the Player's Handbook
Occupation: Student with 2 minor jobs on the side
Characters Played: Khalem

What I like to see IG: A dynamic and immersive world with friendly players and interesting characters.
What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming and things that break immersion.

Quite new to this place, but looks good so far ^_^


Re: You and your Role-Play
« Reply #42 on: May 24, 2008, 01:03:27 pm »
Forum Name:SharpieF4i
Login Name:SharpieF4i
Location:Lawrenceville, GA
Timezone: EST
NwN Experience:A few servers that I don't recall the name but Layo has been my NWN home for a few years
PnP Experience:collectively about 8 years  
Occupation:Law Enforcement
Characters Played:Skywise Greenleaf (Elven Ranger with limited speach outside of elvish) and Tomi Shadowfoot (Halfling Rogue with a dark past)

What I like to see IG:Immersion, and seeing that sometimes the good guy doesn't win.

What I dislike to see IG: Meta gaming, min/maxing, rude people (people not characters)

Wicked Hampster

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    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #43 on: October 10, 2008, 06:56:37 pm »
    Login Name: Wicked Hampster
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Location: Detroit Michigan
    Timezone: Eastern US
    NwN Experience: I have been playing NWN for a few years now.  I started online with some other RP servers.  I liked the RP aspect of the servers, but the lack of professionalism of other players drove me away.  The last server I played, I really got into the CNR aspect of it, although many of the recipies were broken.  I am hoping this server has the CNR aspect I enjoy with the RP I love.  It seems a lot to get started, everything has been foig(find out in game) for me.  
    PnP Experience: I started playing D&D with my dad almost 20 years ago.  I have been a pnp DM for about 15 years.  Up until recently - my group played every other saturday.  We are between adventures right now - although I am building one for the new 4.0 system.  I hope to be rolling my dice again by christmas.
    Occupation: Communications Engineering Technician
    Characters Played: None as of yet

    I most enjoy well RPed sessions during an adventure - or a training session or something like that.  Sitting around a fire, gossiping isn't RP if you ask me.  Although there is a time and a place for it.  I have met and made friends with lots of players online.  However, bad apples ruined my experiences on those other servers.  I hoping with more of a screening process to get in, this server will feature more professional players.  I look forward to playing with all of you!

    Silver Thread

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      Re: You and your Role-Play
      « Reply #44 on: October 11, 2008, 02:52:21 am »
      Login Name: Silver Thread
      Age: 32
      Sex: Male
      Location: Seattle
      Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
      NwN Experience: Hmm... I have played on a number of Servers, starting with F.H Krynn several years ago, I see several names here I seem to recall but I jumped that ship around the same time everyone else did. For a while I played on Dagger Dale which I enjoyed owing to it's close adherence to a Pen and Paper type setting but I was coaxed away from there to Anchordeep where I played for a number of years. For a short time I played the Aussie NWN Module which was based on the Ravenloft Campaign Setting (A long time pnp favorite of mine) and in searching for dedicated RP Servers I stumbled (repeatedly) upon Layonara so I thought it might be worth checking out.

      As far as Experience with NWN, I have a good deal of experience with the tool set, and the DM Client, having DM'ed for the last two years elsewhere. I have a number of good screen shots of areas I have built and scripts which I've written to help spice up modules.

      PnP Experience: I still have a number of original DnD Campaign settings written by Gary Gygax. I have played DnD for a long while and am still active in a gaming group (Dwarven Paladins For The Win). I helped play test a number of original pregen modules for T.S.R. with Blake Mobley, (Feast of Goblyns and The Oak Lords to name a couple), and also worked for a company called "Gamelords LTD" that created a Role Playing system set in a futuristic Galaxy called MetaScape. I was hired to do a number of interior illustrations for the various manuals, and was later hired to do Illustrations for the Role Playing system "Ultimate Power." I also helped play test those systems. I have played in the Dragonlance, Grey Hawk, Ravenloft, and Forgotten Realms campaign settings and have used every edition of Dungeons and Dragons except 4.0. I just have no interest in buying all of those damned books, AGAIN!

      Occupation: Urban Forestry

      Characters Played: None on this server, but the list is long and distinguished. I tend away from the traditional "Hero" Types. I rather like to Role Play Normal People occasionally lamenting that there isn't a "Commoner" class. I generally favor Rangers and Bards due to the diversity allowed by those two classes. I find that character classes 3 to about 10 are when I have the most fun with a character. It seems that within that range you really find out who your character is. Before that, they are essentially cannon fodder and after that they generally become powerful enough that encounters just become a mechanical grind.

      What I like to see IG:Bustle. I like to see players that view their characters as people, not statistics. I like to see players using Large shields instead of Towers. I like to see suits of Banded mail or half plate instead of full plate. I like to see Ability Scores that aren't all even and spell lists that include things like "Dancing Lights" and "Legend Lore". I like to see things like flint and tinder and signet rings with some history, I like to see characters that have given their weapons a name, regardless of whether or not it says "+1 Longsword" in your inventory. I like to see DM's interacting with players by possessing NPC's and saying "Hello!" or Possessing a mouse and stealing a ring from a players pack. I like to see people recognize the fact that it is Three AM in game and despite the fact that your character isn't taking damage from it, it must be COLD outside, and most of all, I like to see people enjoying themselves and enjoying those around them.

      What I dislike Seeing IG:Gross imbalances. I dislike seeing a twentieth level character scoff at a fifth level character because he knows he is statistically immortal. I dislike seeing LEET Speak, I would go so far as to say I despise seeing Leet Speak. I dislike seeing dual wielding bastard swords and HIPSing Archers. I dislike Spawn Runners and Loot s. I Dislike protracted mindless torture RP and cybering. I dislike seeing Spells like Timestop and Tensers Transformation and Isaac's Greater Missile Storm used over and over and over again in the same encounter. I dislike seeing good characters with Evil Familiars just because they can Regenerate. I dislike seeing people complain about how bad someone else's Role Play is, and for the love of all that is Good in the world, I dislike seeing those God Forsaken suits of UNMODIFIED NEWBIE ARMOR, being worn by TEN people at the same TIME!

      Yeah, that's about it.


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        Re: You and your Role-Play
        « Reply #45 on: October 15, 2008, 12:37:36 am »
        Forum Name: Mandorallin
        Login Name: Mandorallin
        Age: 20
        Sex: Male
        Location: London, Canada
        Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
        NwN Experience: 4-5 years; some admin experience, some building experience.
        PnP Experience: none
        Occupation: Full time student  (university)
        Characters Played: None on Layonara, though probably somewhere over fifty elsewhere.  Mostly melee focussed, though I've dabbled in just about every combination of alignment, race and deity available to me.  I am quite familiar with the RP of the Drow.

        What I like to see IG:

        Players who take their characters seriously and that attempt to get others involved.  Players who look beyond statistics and role-play their character based on their character and not on the fact that the characters they interact with are X levels higher than they are.  Attention to detail.  Well placed emotes and characters with nuance.  GM plots that have purpose and actually contribute to the story of the game world while still encouraging player involvement/dynamics.  Conflict.  Grit.

        What I dislike seeing IG:

        Griefers, exploiters, cheaters, meta-gaming, characters who change suddenly after obtaining some manner of personal power (i.e. a character somehow gets to X level, then becomes an arrogant sod because he knows that he will be difficult to defeat, should he be challenged..) Stereotypical characters in large numbers.  Subraces that become a fad where everyone makes said subrace just "cuz its cool" and not because they care for the subrace itself.  Too many subrace characters.  Loads of characters who all use the same gear setup because it is apparently the most effective way to go (something of a legion or group with a uniform would be an exception).

        A little something else:

        If this post comes across as a bit elitist, I apologize as such is not intended, nor do I view myself as an elitist.  I understand the nature of this server as being family-oriented/friendly and also the nature of the game itself and in part, the people that play it, but I will not shy away from my "hardcore" perspective of how RP should be handled.  I challenge myself to uphold the highest level of RP tact and quality than I can manage.  All I ask is that the administration and players new and old will do the same.


        Re: You and your Role-Play
        « Reply #46 on: October 15, 2008, 08:17:36 pm »
        Forum Name:Gunther
        Login Name:Gunther
        Sex: (M)
        Location:Spokane, WA
        Timezone: PST
        NwN Experience:Pretty much just Layo

        PnP Experience:I shudder to think....about 20 years....go Keep on the Borderlands
        Occupation: Uhhhh...lets see...greenhouse worker, grocery stockboy, military intelligence interrogator, military police officer, security guard, dog groomer, librarian, guy who made those little muffin cups for little muffins, insurance adjuster...I think thats about it....its enough, isnt it?

        Characters Played: Gunther N'diknik - half giant extraordinaire, though he's probably like 80 game years old by now

        What I like to see IG: {Edited for appropriateness}

        What I dislike to see IG: {Edited for appropriateness}


        Re: You and your Role-Play
        « Reply #47 on: October 15, 2008, 09:53:44 pm »
        sorry folks, thought my comments might have been pushing the nebulous gray area of poor taste....and sure enough....


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          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #48 on: January 01, 2009, 04:19:09 pm »
          Forum Name: Rebo
          Login Name: call_me_stick
          Age: 31
          Sex: M
          Location: AZ
          Timezone: GMT -7
          NwN Experience: about a year or so
          PnP Experience: limited, dabbled in D&D 1st ed. and AD&D 2nd ed.
          Occupation: UAV operator/maintainer
          Characters Played: Jez Geddin, Perri Winkle, and applying for a third soon...

          What I like to see IG: Good/great rp. People who apologize ooc when their char may be curt ic (while I think it's unnecessary, it says a lot for the player base). Well developed areas. Custom content.

          What I dislike to see IG: NPC quests like this -> "go talk to dave > hi, i'm dave. go talk to steve. > i'm not steve. steve is over there. > yeah, i'm steve. could you get me 10 flowers for my wife?" I'm sure there are mixed opinions on that sort of thing, but that's where I stand. ;)

          I must say that I love Layo. I've played on several NWN pws and this is a standout, not that I need to tell anyone here that, lol. The more I play, the more I want to play. Getting started out can be a little frustrating, but I have no doubts that it will be worth it.

          Also, thank you to the GMs and other players that I've met so far. This community is great and I really look forward to enjoying plenty of playtime here. I don't see any reason to go back to any of the other pws I've played in.

          One other thing - I know I'm not exactly a skilled role-player, but I'm trying. If anyone meets me in-game and has suggestions/criticism, please let me know...



          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #49 on: January 02, 2009, 02:51:58 pm »
          Forum Name: Link092
          Login Name: same as above
          actual name: Spencer
          Age: 17
          Sex: M
          Location: North Carolina
          Timezone: EST
          NwN Experience: Mostly Layo. :D
          PnP Experience: I played with the family for a while, but we had to stop due to lack of time (for planning)
          Occupation: College
          Characters Played: Click the little menu that says characters... (plus some others....)

          What I like to see IG: Lots of people.... good RP.... helpful people..... people who understand you have to log off in that durned cave because something else requires your immediate attention. Also like when people take time to help out others getting used to things and/or adapting...

          What I dislike to see IG: Disgruntled people in a OOC manner.... explosions that cause the end of the world, and poor sportsmanship. (or gamesmanship... what ever you want to call it. ) also can't say I like metagaming... or powerplaying... I also apologize for getting up in the middle of a big fight to go get a doughnut... or apple.


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #50 on: January 02, 2009, 04:14:49 pm »
          ... Just felt like doing this :)

          Forum Name: Kenderfriend
          Login Name: KeppliQuickhands
          Age: As if I'd tell you lot ;)
          Sex: Female
          Location: South Wales, UK
          Timezone: GMT
          NWN Experience: Oh.. err... dunno. Played a bit of single player on there before Layo *shrugs* Know enough to know what buttons to press ;)
          PnP Experience: Played D&D when I was about five, loved it to bits and whined when my dad (aka. DM) , some years later, couldn't really play it with me any more because he was too busy with work and stuff.
          Characters played: Keppli Quickhands

          What I like to see IG: Players really getting into their characters and rping well, so much so that its like talking to an actual person... Players that don't treat characters according to their levels but more to do with who they are/how well they know them/status... etc.etc...
          I like well thought out characters too, with some flaws too... (nobody's perfect! ^^) makes rp more interesting if a character has... say, a phobia of something. I like seeing all the different places, going on adventures with a warm, cheery group...
          But I gotta say, I love it when a DM pops in for a bit and you get some Rp xp. When that happens, it feels like you're a little kid who's getting a pat on the back and a lollipop for doing something right! :p

          What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming!!! So somebody is now It's more fun to chat to people who really know your char... and those who don't!

          People who don't understand that it might be midnight over here and I need some sleep, or what often happens, when everybody logs on when its my dinner time. ;)

          And finally.. I don't like snobby elves and snooty paladins...  ;)


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #51 on: January 02, 2009, 04:18:18 pm »
          Forum Name: Interia_Discordius
          Login Name: Mrs_Masquerade
          Age: 17
          Sex: Female
          Location: Ohio, USA
          Timezone: Eastern
          NwN Experience: Few years now
          PnP Experience: Longer
          Occupation: Student
          Characters Played: Kinai Ancalime - Retired, Amaris A'Iretni - Retired, Acanthus Lanassori, and my main is currently Llane S. Anetheron

          What I like to see IG: Specific attention to the personality of a character to create a person that is well-rounded and deep.

          What I dislike to see IG: Characters who pretend that they are omniscient and omnipotent.


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #52 on: January 02, 2009, 04:52:50 pm »
          Forum Name: ZeroVega
          Login Name: ZeroVega
          Age: 18 (And change... 18 and change)
          Sex: Male
          Location: South Carolina (The Mill)
          Timezone: East Coast
          NwN Experience: Six Years
          PnP Experience: About a year of random campaigns and DMing DnD and Warhammer PnP
          Occupation: Full Time Student (English Major, Spanish Minor, French Minor), With a smattering of youth mentoring in there.
          Characters Played: Tathnolu Rilyn'val, Halson Draconian

          What I like to see IG: Creativity, cohesion, free flowing role playing, realistic role playing, depth of character and story, interactions that incite emotional reactions.

          What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming, powergaming (eh, this is harder to call out though... maybe it's the idea of it that I don't like), stories/characters that are too rigid to allow things to flow in a different direction, snarky players (love snarky characters though), pretty much everything that was involved in the big banning incident three or four years back, Drizzt (har har).


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #53 on: January 02, 2009, 06:59:13 pm »
          O.o talk about cause and effect....


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #54 on: January 05, 2009, 07:48:47 am »
          Forum Name: Blackboot
          Login Name: Blackboot
          Age: 22
          Sex: M
          Location: Germany
          Timezone: GMT +1
          NwN Experience: 3 years now: A Land of Dark Dreams, Dragondreams, Age of Empires: Zarelle, Dragonlance, Gallow Birds, Myth Drannor, Dragoncoast: Erithorns Might and NWN II Dragoncoast: Shores of Haldun
          PnP Experience: 6 years
          Occupation: Student
          Characters Played: Leon Tysmus

          What I like to see IG: Half naked elven girls selling cheeseburgers :D

          What I dislike to see IG: Half naked orcs selling cheeseburgers ;)

          Seriously though: Everything causing fun for everyone and into the trashbin with everything that does not. Oh...and I absolutely HATE people who think their rp is so much betters than everyone elses. We all started at some point.


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #55 on: January 05, 2009, 06:35:11 pm »
          Forum Name: eyvind
          Login Name: eyvindm1
          Age: 19
          Sex: Male
          Location: Norway
          Timezone: UTC+1
          NwN Experience: Hardly any.
          PnP Experience: Hardly any. I say be glad you have fathers to DM, even if they don't have much time.
          Occupation: Entrepeneur
          Characters Played: Taliera

          What I like to see IG: Many Good characters being friendly and Evil players "being friendly."

          What I dislike to see IG: People who run past me on the road.


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #56 on: January 05, 2009, 10:36:37 pm »
          Quote from: Blackboot

          What I like to see IG: Half naked elven girls selling cheeseburgers :D

          What I dislike to see IG: Half naked orcs selling cheeseburgers ;)

          Alas my friend, you will see neither. :p

          erm... at least I don't think... *eyes the post about half-orc suspiciously*

          Lord Dark

          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #57 on: January 05, 2009, 10:53:10 pm »
          Forum Name: Lord Dark
           Login Name: Tod Fellow
           Age: 16
           Sex: Male
           Location: Washington, USA
           Timezone: PST
           NwN Experience: Quite a bit now after getting into Layo agian.
           PnP Experience: One or two sessions about pirates. Took several hours to get through 30 seconds in game since we had so many players!
           Occupation: Student
           Characters Played: Tod Fellow, Milo Honeydew
           What I like to see IG: Interesting and enjoyable RP, sometimes just sitting to chat. Big trips into the Deep and other dangerous places with high chances of death (And living through it!) and then at then end, having a lot of loot to split. Seeing all the mountians, caves, and forests and seeing all the great graphics. Massive dragons and demons. Bits of romance. Even maybe dieing and then seeing that you made the Soul Mother save. Leveling and seeing people say "//ding!".
           What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming (Even though I do some myself sometimes... I'm try hard to not to!). How fast time flies in Layo. I know I have more than enough flaws in my RP to pass around (Yes, I'm self-conscious about my RP), but then having someone correcting me about all my mistakes gets a bit old. People using familiar pixies when they have a skilled enough rogue (Or scamp!) in the party to take care of the lock/trap. OOC mixing with IC. Being forced emoted on. Getting people killed. Seeing someone's character's body exploding when they die and revealing the Soul Mother to do her wail. Perming.


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #58 on: January 05, 2009, 11:03:29 pm »
          :D glad to meet cha all. *grins*


          Re: You and your Role-Play
          « Reply #59 on: January 15, 2009, 04:00:21 am »
          Forum Name:Chazzler
           Login Name:Chazzler
           Age:26, 27 at 5th of Feb
           Location:Finland, Northern Karelia, near the Russian border (eep)
           Timezone:GMT+2/+3 depending on Daylights Savings
           NwN Experience:Since the game came out, I have been playing it in SP and online, some odd Hack&Slash servers which didn't give much to me. Nordock Custom East, some place that I recall was "Two Towns" or something similar.
           PnP Experience:Made my own RPG (not Rocket Propelled Grenade) when I was about 9 years old, it had content leeched from LotR and various NES/SNES games etc, Alien (the movie & cartoon series) and many many more. Not much after that, except that I am now part of a campaign of D&D 4th Edition set in a custom world of a friend of mine (Warlock/Wizard, gotta love him). (BTW Asmodean, I stole the name of Iradril Arkenrahel to the character in the D&D Campaign ;) , it just is a such a nice name for an elf prince. Heh!)
           Occupation: Microwaveman... Err.. Computer Technician, would-be artist
           Characters Played: Used to mainly play Godim Harjumaa (The elderly Gandalf-look-a-like yep you guess already, mage). Chakar Achmed El'Mujahir (The man from the Spirit Dunes (not a terrorist by common recognition)), Tar Wolfheart (The fat but nimble barbarian that can actually sneak!) and Unther Hardhammer (Acolyte of the "Hammur")
           What I like to see IG: GM interaction with players that doesn't end in a TPK ;) , respect towards other players.
           What I dislike to see IG: People who take offense from RP'd interactions between characters, cheating and griefing.