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Author Topic: You and your Role-Play  (Read 3917 times)


You and your Role-Play
« on: October 09, 2007, 02:40:28 am »
I saw this done on another server of mine, though it was the DMs posting this so players knew more about them. Here, I think it'd just be cool for everyone to post, just to share more about you. :) If it's a bad idea, go ahead and just delete it, if not, if enough people reply ... would be cool to have it stickied.

Forum Name: Lydyn
Login Name: Lydyn
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Location: That one place! :p
Timezone: -7 GMT (Mountian Time)
NWN Experience: About 2 years worth of role-playing. Played on Aertheca, A Land of Dark Dreams, The Crimson River, The 3 Kingdoms
PnP Experience: None! Except I have over 15 source books.
Occupation: Remodeler and Addictee to NwN role-playing.
Characters played: Ellena Ste'fesser

What I like to see IG: Heart (otherwise explained as the player relating and being able to feel what the character does), patience, respect for other players, creativity, and enjoyment (also spelling and grammar, but I don't hold anyone against it ;) ).

What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming (excluding under the situation of starting role-play for the sake of role-playing), players getting upset, impatience, disrespect for other players.


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[b]NwN Experience:[/b]
[b]PnP Experience:[/b]
[b]Characters Played:[/b]

[b]What I like to see IG:[/b]

[b]What I dislike to see IG:[/b]
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Re: You and your Role-Play (Hoping this gets Stickied)
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2007, 02:56:00 am »
I love this.

Forum Name: Stephen_Zuckerman
Login Name:  Stephen Zuckerman
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Location: Decatur, Georgia, USA
Timezone: GMT-5 (Eastern US)
NwN Experience: Two and a half years online; six months at Narc's 3.5 adaption, two years here, with overlap of about six months at Angelina's Island and a beta server called Fraxis.
PnP Experience: About four years, mainly as a DM, though I honestly prefer playing.
Occupation: I currently sell pizza at Domino's.
Characters Played: See a full list here. Currently active are Pyyran Rahth, Ceviren Lightstaff, Xu Lin, and Grok.

What I like to see IG: RP. Roleplaying is great, and there are a lot of definitions of it, but... If you see your character as a living, breathing being with thoughts and feelings of their own (who just happens to be fictional), and play accordingly, then that's what I love to see. Characters who can be real to me because they're real to their players.

What I dislike to see IG: This one's easy. And long. Foremost is blatant disregard of "common" sense. Being a jerk OOC. Metagaming(!) of any kind (apart from metagaming for the purpose of innocuously starting RP, like going for a drink when you know the tavern's packed). Powergaming without thought to character development. Poor spelling. Use of non-ingame terms (which falls under metagaming, but gr).

Why I keep coming back: Because I get more of what I like to see here than I'll ever find elsewhere, and because of the people and characters I'd miss, and who'd miss me.


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    Re: You and your Role-Play (Hoping this gets Stickied)
    « Reply #2 on: October 09, 2007, 06:12:04 am »
    Forum Name: Cambo
    Login Name: The Cambo
    Age: Eh.. 16..
    Sex: M
    Location: Ehmm, USA all the way!
    Timezone: Eastern GMT -5
    NwN Experience: 1 year and a couple months..
    PnP Experience: None
    Occupation: Applying to work at Domino's for right now. (Heh, wouldja look at that, Steven?)
    Characters Played: Elb'ren Esta'clyn,  Ezekiel Wheatchaff

    What I like to see IG: Funny RP, RP in general that's really good, but mostly RP unlike the usual.  Yknow, unusual RP, RP that's.. different.  Cause the same ol' same ol' just gets too same ol' for me sometimes :D

    What I dislike to see IG: Umm.. people that are -absolute- sticklers about the most smallest details of metagaming or RP.  I don't do normally do that at all, but in doing something like that during silly, nonsense RP should you be reprimanded for that...?


    Re: You and your Role-Play (Hoping this gets Stickied)
    « Reply #3 on: October 09, 2007, 07:12:39 am »
    Forum Name: LynnJuniper
     Login Name: ForlornParasite (Don't ask)
     Age: 18 (Almost 19!!)
     Sex: Female
     Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
     Timezone: GMT-5 (Eastern US)
     NwN Experience: About a year and 7 months
     PnP Experience: Absolutely none, My first Rp experiences were in chat rooms and then later a sort of 'round robin' story telling.
     Occupation: College Student Studying Journalism..oh, and I sell video games at GameStop.
     Characters Played: Currently: Rhynnala Asantiani, and Velmira Veeto.
     What I like to see IG: Roleplaying for the sake of roleplaying, and adventuring for the sake of adventuring and exploring rather than XP gain and CNR/Crafting. I also like to see each character preforming to their fullest extent and thinking outside the box on quests!
     What I dislike to see IG: The usual List I suppose: Metagaming, though it doesn't bother me to the point where I'll get overly angry. Oh, and personally: People who are overly caught up in CNR or Powerleveling.
      Why I keep coming back: Because of my friends, more than anything else. They make Layonara for me.


    Re: You and your Role-Play (Hoping this gets Stickied)
    « Reply #4 on: October 09, 2007, 07:32:06 am »
    Forum Name: s0ulz
    Login Name: s0ulz
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Location: Tallinn, Estonia
    Timezone: GMT+3
    NwN Experience: 3 years of Layonara
    PnP Experience: None what-so-ever
    Occupation: University Student
    Characters Played:  Fenrir Thornaxe, Vinden Blackstaff

    What I like to see IG: I like to see correctly played alignments and classes. I like to see characters have a personality and play according to it. A sense of humour never hurts either.

    What I dislike to see IG: I -hate- lack of puncuation and capitalization. It gives so much if it's done correctly.


    Shiff and his Role-Play (Hope it gets stickied to his forehead)
    « Reply #5 on: October 09, 2007, 12:27:18 pm »
    Forum Name: ShiffDrgnhrt
    Login Name: ShiffDrgnhrt
    Age:  19
    Sex:  M
    Location: Somewhere between Antarctica and The North Pole *glares at his user profile for giving him away*
    Timezone: EDT/EST
    NwN Experience: 10 months
    PnP Experience: heh, 1 session, ending in the complete Zombification of Faerun (Not My Fault!)
    Occupation: Student
    Characters Played: Shiff (Boy wasnt that obvious) Latherian, Nemo

    What I like to see IG: Good RP, even if that RP involves making my PCs look like fools.  I like roleplaying the relationships between characters (not necessary just intimate ones).  Also like Role playing combat, since it can make lower level PCs capable of defeating High level ones (but no one ever does that >.<).

    What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming, though I'm sure I've one it before.  Being Evil ;) Heh, its why I play all Good PCs.  What else...  One thing I really hate...  Excluding others from chances to RP or even gain XP, unless there is a good RP reason for it.  Like not talking to someone you don't know just because you don't know them, or not inviting someone you have been talking to in RP for the past hour along to some really cool place your other RP buddies just found.

    Dark Elves...  Definately Dark Elves...  They are such nuisances...  (<3 you Iceyfire :p)  Nah DE are cool...  Not that it's anyones fault, but I hate lag...  

    OH!  DMs!  Especially the ones that give out XP...  I hate them, they are so cool it drives me crazy...  I mean the nerve of them to reward us players for  Role playing well and kicking the butt of their super-villains with their own spawns...    I mean they even made me level once!  THe NERVE!!!  *snickers and runs off with his pet Adult Fire Drake*  Luv you guys :)


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #6 on: October 09, 2007, 12:54:59 pm »
    Forum Name: Honora
    Age: 40
    Sex: Ladylike (Jen, stop laughing)
    Location: Poconos, PA
    Timezone: EST
    NwN Experience: Since 2003 - all the single player games, and a ton of the best player-made modules.
    PnP Experience: Since...oh
    Occupation: Chemist
    Characters Played: Honora Tannerson, Corba Tweed

    What I like to see IG: Flexibility, a defined character that is separate from the individual playing, someone willing to get to know the player a little (to avoid misunderstandings), and proper grammar and spelling.

    What I dislike to see IG: Griefing that hides behind roleplay. Folks who cannot separate themselves from their characters.  Glory hogs.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #7 on: October 09, 2007, 12:55:54 pm »
    Forum Name: Lonnarin
    Login Name: karma_virus
    Age: 26
    Sex: Please!
    Location: Work
    Timezone: EST
    NwN Experience: Playing and GMing online since the bloody thing 1st hit the shelves
    PnP Experience: since around 12 years of age
    Occupation: E-Commerce Guy
    Characters Played: Rakish, Farros, Bjornigar, Ogzughimmal, Earl, Kor

    What I like to see IG: Vast swarms of players sweeping across the servers in huge warparties, Rael dead, Great Legendary Heroes that put their money where their mouths are to unite and attack Prantz, Impromptu quests about nothing, shennanigans, lots of beer, word puzzles and riddles!, long idle conversations about nothing that come around full circle, RPing heavily and talking between party members while on the road, brownies being chased by house cats, helping legions of clueless newcomers learn the basics of RP and smarter battle tactics so they dont get left behind, passive GMing where they follow you and possess the NPCs that you deal with for a reaction... and who allow the players to set the goals and the pace

    What I dislike to see IG: People who squeal "thats not my name! I never told you my name!" when they requested to have that name float above their heads for all of eternity and assume that they are so important that you should remember this with 100% accuracy when they are but one out of the 7,500 members here, grabby munchkins and their forced emotes, quest series that are closed for 8 sessions straight and when you look back on the calandar... there never was even an open session to begin with... it was just impromptued mysteriously over the same 7 people month after month, Excessive CDQ requests for every little tiny thing, GMs who tell you to RP your alignment and absolutely refuse to shift it when your character reaches a turning point of consciousness, people who ignore several pages worth of character threads just because they were all written down in one night and simply reply "this is great, but lets see a month from now" because they are too lazy to read said journal entries taking into account the GAME TIME they cover and simply look at the REAL TIME dates they are posted, people sitting on benches collecting dust and looking down on you for not wanting to spend 4 hours in town walking and talking about the weather like a commoner's grandmother, people who stop every single person who walks by them to demand that they tell them their life story without actually having a situationally significant reason to talk to them in the first place... and getting OOC insulting tells about your RP because you dont stop everything you're doing just to cater to a complete stranger, people who think that playing an evil or neutral female means you have to be incredibly rude and insulting to absolutely everybody they meet, as if all evil was by its very nature raised in a barn, People who claim that every single update "increases roleplay" just to show support when roleplay itself is entirely based upon the people roleplaying their characters and not beholden to changes in the environment... I mean, showing support is good and all... but if I like what the president's doing on foreign policy, I don't claim "oh he's making me skinnier and have nicer hair!"  Such things are entirely unrelated via scientific observation.


    Re: You and Your RP
    « Reply #8 on: October 09, 2007, 12:56:59 pm »
    Forum Name: DMOE
    Login Name: Morgana Tintagel
    Age: yeah, right....Like I'm gonna tell you lot ;)
    Sex: F
    Location: Nottingham, England
    Timezone: GMT/BST
    NwN Experience: 2 years 2 months
    PnP Experience: 14 years of various systems
    Occupation: Full time Mother, part time retail assistant
    Characters Played: Ireth Astendor, Muireann, Silver

    What I like to see IG: Good RP of course, I also really like to see the effort made to play alignments and deity relations properly, People thinking outside the box, DM's that let them, People having fun!

    What I dislike to see IG: Metagaming, cliques - as in groups keeping to themselves and not allowing others the chance to join them when it ISN'T based on RP, people ignoring DM's trying to interact with them, disrespectful behaviour again when it is influence by OOC and not simply good RP, people not playing their characters fully or adjusting their character's reaction due to OOC influence and of course, like many others powerlevelling/blatant powerbuilds, people claiming to be a cross between the latest hot super model and Kofi Annan when they have a low Cha

    Oh and people picking on me cause I'm dyslexic, can't spell and have bad grammar :)


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #9 on: October 09, 2007, 01:28:45 pm »
    Forum Name: LordCove
    LoginName: Lord Cove
    Age: *something unintelligable*
    Sex: All man
    Location: Newcastle-way , England
    NWN Experience: What-ever my join date says
    PnP Experience: What-ever my join date days
    Occupation: Car Insurance type guy / Mug
    Characters player: Sallaron Tempest / LeFarge  ( and a handful of part time others)

    What I like to see IG:  Good RP... but RP stretched beyond the bashing, saying a few words, bashing, and saying a few words. I love finding people have RP'd "probelms" for their character to deal with... gives them so much more depth.  DM's dropping surprises on you whilst your doing the usual day-to-day things.

    What I dislike to see IG:  Long bashing spree's with minimum RP involved, OOC getting in the way of IC, Power-Builds  ( only cause my characters so rubbish though  ;)  ) , snooty and arrogant clerics  ;), and a long series of 1 rolls.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #10 on: October 09, 2007, 01:31:23 pm »
    Forum Name: ycleption
    Age: between 15 and 50
    Sex: male or female or something else
    Location: US midwest
    Timezone: CST/CDT
    NwN Experience: this is my only PW, I've messed around with various modules and stuff.
    PnP Experience: I played in 1/2 of a campaign. I stepped in for a missing player one session, and the group decided I played the character better than the original player, and they asked me to stay.
    LARP Experience: Played in several large scale white wolf games, one boffer style game, and was AST for a Harry Potter game for a while.
    Occupation: Student (law school)
    Characters Played: Drexia, Pallena

    What I like to see IG: General RP, Small groups bashing while keeping RP in mind, sitting around in towns and RPing, DM quests with lots of RP... um... RP...

    What I dislike to see IG: Massive bashing parties who don't stop in-between encounters. Use of OOC terms in-character. Heh, I could probably list a lot of things that bug me, but I don't really see a need to do so :P


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #11 on: October 09, 2007, 02:22:13 pm »
    Forum Name: Interia_Discordius
    Login Name: Interia_Discordius
    Age: Sweet Sixteen
    Sex: Female
    Location: Ohio, USA... Better known as Your Local Institution
    Timezone: Eastern US
    NwN Experience: Lots of years? Probably 5 ish?
    PnP Experience: 6-7ish
    Occupation: Student and Published Poet
    Characters Played: Kinai Ancalime, Amaris A'Iretni, Seidahn Xyvorn, Avaritia Luxur, and Helgha

    What I like to see IG: A chance for me to actually kill some monsters... I've been roleplaying in Hempstead and around for what feels like months with poor Kinai :( She needs action!

    What I dislike to see IG: Players playing rude characters who like to reflect the attitude OOC as well. It seems to be pretty common through the worlds, at least from my experience.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #12 on: October 09, 2007, 08:42:58 pm »
    Forum Name: Nyralotep of course
    Login Name: Same as above
    Age: Older than Leanthar but younger than Serissa ;)
    Sex: M
    Location: Aurora, CO
    Timezone: MST
    NwN Experience:5 years give or take
    PnP Experience: 5 years, a long time ago.
    Occupation: Windows SA
    Characters Played: Points to his portrait

    What I like to see IG: humor!  This is what makes things memorable for me.  So many people here just keep me rolling.  Gravas and Toby are one example, Lonn in whatever character he's playing.  Also seeing evil characters be disagreeable.  I can't count how many times Darilith has cracked me up in his encounters with me or others.  And above all friendliness of the players which is what makes Layo, well Layo.

    What I dislike to see IG:When I move before my skin loads ;)  Most of what I hate...someone playing beyond their abilities.  People who ignore that a rogue is present and pull out a pixie to unlock a door or disarm a trap.  People who want to be the hero above/at the cost of the party.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #13 on: October 09, 2007, 09:39:29 pm »
    Forum Name: Pseudonym
    Login Name: Funnypseudonym
    Age: 33
    Sex: Male ... or, I only vaguely remember.
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Timezone: AEST
    NwN Experience: SPM - 3yrs, Layo - 18mths-ish
    PnP Experience: 20yrs-ish
    Occupation: Retailer
    Characters Played: Arkolio de'Averlain, Urhuk Meshanek, Valdemar Harredsunn, Gard Ironjaw, Virtue Kessen, Slessanaa, Sharlenara, Edoine Tenance ... plus any alts!

    What I like to see IG: Pretty much same as everyone who has commented already.

    What I dislike to see IG: Pretty much same as everyone who has commented already ... plus statistical improbabilities/impossibilities when crafting. To be honest though, I don't get bothered by very much IG, I play Layo for distraction/relief from things that actually bother me.

    @Lydyn - You might be interested in this link.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #14 on: October 09, 2007, 10:48:32 pm »
    Forum Name: silverblades
    Login Name:same i think?
    Location: overpriced southern california riverside to be exact
    NwN Experience:hm, since I found layo back in 04
    PnP Experience:hm, first edition dnd back in 85 player sometimes DM lots of old modules my favorites were the Desert of Desolation series by TSR of which are still in immaculate condition I have all the first edition books, DMG, Players handbook, monster Manual, (studied it for months when I got it for my 16th birthday) world of Grayhawk. varous other classics of which I cant remember because their safely hidden in my shed outside.
    Occupation: Signalman for the Union pacific railroad
    Characters Played:Marainna( she was my learners of which I horribly mangled her build on)
    Balazar (which isnt too bad) Unfortunately I dont have the time to play as I used to.

    What I like to see IG: players who work as a team. players who recognize a leader and allow him to lead. leaders who take into account the parties capabilities and strengths and weaknesses, leaders who dont get too cocky and reckless, DM's who roam and follow players, impromptu quests ending in one night. Older players helping new players (someone that has never played before).
    someone who remembers long forgotten characters like Drawna, Fian , Quin, seteece, pathfinder, lions, and longbow.
    decent exp from almost getting killed ( Oh and you can get killed from "effortless" monsters.

    What I dislike to see IG:
    Other than the opposite of above. Someone telling me(OOC, other than a DM of course) how I should play my paladin, If you dont like the way I play him, MAKE YOUR OWN!
    Older players helping out their friends with new characters (of which I am guilty of sorrowfully), just so they can  level up quicker.
    One "1" experience point from ,"effortless monsters" after you just took 2 minutes to buff up to kill it, and it nearly killed you!
    a goblin with 200 hit points in redlight ,"normal spawn". What did he eat for breakfast, wheaties and a Red Bull?
    a cleric or a mage, (suggest enchanted axe or pick first circle) that has no idea how to chop wood and weild a pick(without taking a feat).
     So simple even a caveman can do it!
    lets see grab axe raise in air and let fall....hmm...yeah Id call that simple enough. hence the name simple..
    Guys that play girls and girls that play guys.(been there done that, yuk, some things must be metagamed)
    marriage in game, you've no idea what marriage is till you've been really married for 15+ years, marriage is not so you can have a reason to make a cool new character in 1 year or so.
    a fighter who multiclasses into a mage. hmmm...can you say powerbuild or shall I say Sir Buffalot
    Or lets see Grog cast spell.. hm.yup me blastm with fiirr,
    Oh yeah let me stand by him !!
    There can be only One.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #15 on: October 10, 2007, 03:03:20 am »
    Forum Name: Lynn1020

    Login Name:
    Lynn1020, Emie Meadows

    Age: 34


    Location: Washington

    Timezone: pacific

    NwN Experience: One year this month on Layo

    PnP Experience:  None
    Occupation: Wife and Mommy

    Characters Played: Emie Meadows and Randi Tyne

    What I like to see IG: Fun rp!  People having a good time.. there is enough in RL to worry about.  Don't need more stress in game. ;)

    What I dislike to see IG:  players that won't venture out of their cliques, players/pc being ignored and I hate to see anyone losing a SS :(


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #16 on: October 10, 2007, 06:41:04 am »
    Forum Name: Serissa
     Login Name: Serissa1
     Age: 64, and proud of it.  If you knew all the dumb things I've done, you'd be amazed I'm here, too.
     Sex: Female
     Location: Appalachia (West Virginia, USA)
     Timezone: Eastern
     NwN Experience: about four years, I think--mostly on Layo
     PnP Experience: a short stint at amusing pre-teen boys 25 years ago
     Occupation: Grandma, lady of leisure--I love being retired
     Characters Played: Ferrit Pandorn, Sala Stonehill, and once upon a time, Ayla Bineau, who wrote "epic" songs a'la Beowulf
     What I like to see IG: Groups in which everyone looks out for everyone else and no one is ignored or left behind; role play that's positive, interesting and fun; lower levels included in all possible activities
     What I dislike to see IG: Running madly through areas; bickering and gratuitous nastiness in the name of role play; exclusive groups, especially when there are only one or two other people on the server


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #17 on: October 10, 2007, 11:39:55 am »
    Forum Name: Odranoela
    Login Name: Odranoela
    Age: I forget today.
    Sex: Male.
    Location: Brazil.
    Timezone: GMT -3
    NwN Experience: About three years.
    PnP Experience: Six or seven years.
    Occupation: Freelancer.
    Characters Played:  Lino Bildert [main], Nechemiah, Mitchel Kray.

    What I like to see IG: Most of it was already said and I agree. I like to see some old players returning once in a while, even if I don't know them or if I just met them that time. I love big warparties too. I like when people make the party rogues feel useful, even if just a bit. A good dungeon crawl with lots of RP and consideration in mind. I love the "things" for rogues in layo.

    What I dislike to see IG: I agree with most of the statements and I also hate when people stop respecting you when they grow powerful, suddenly you're level 20 and everyone else below is horse dung.. It's bad. I don't like when people get banned, even aware that it is a "necessary evil" and/or they bloody deserve it, I don't want it not to happen, it just makes me a bit bummed, it's bad news. I'll go with the closed groups of players that usually don't give others a chance to join in on the great layo experience, aswell, terrible. Hate running around the server for hours hoping to bump into someone, anyone, PLEASE! Err... Finally, OOC getting mixed up with IC is also really bad.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #18 on: October 10, 2007, 02:05:53 pm »
    Forum Name:Xirion
    Login Name:Eander
    Age:21 (soon ;) )
    Timezone:GMT -2 (I think... :p)
    NwN Experience:Played it when it was released but never finished it, guess it was to less for and so called RP-Game and discovered it again this year and found Layo by chance.
    PnP Experience:Very rare. Had some with Earthdawn and DnD but not too much atall
    Occupation: Geez... what is it called? here you have the word by word translation "higher police-execution-service". Likely noone will understand what this means exactly, it is just a mixture of training and studying. Afterwards you can make career in the police, whatever you want to specialize on.
    Characters Played: Eander Shalynn, Ian Wrath

    What I like to see IG: Hm... most was stated. Nice people and good RP. Sponatanous, creative Players and GMs... Players that are open for new players and situations. Stories, I like stories, nomatter if experience them myself, told by players or GMs, regardles. And emotions... things that make the characters "round".

    What I dislike to see IG:
    Er.. rudeness, especially OOC, IC there might be justifications and there for are a part of the RP (and so I like them if the have some niveau). The rest was stated I guess... metagaming if over a certain degree to support RP is not nice. But I have to say I have made to less bad experience here to go on with the list.


    Re: You and your Role-Play
    « Reply #19 on: October 10, 2007, 05:08:26 pm »
    Forum Name: twidget658
     Login Name: Rodlin Serim, Lance Coyle
     Age: 35
     Sex: Male
     Location: Washington State
     Timezone: PST
     NwN Experience: I bought the NwN package in November '04 when I started my shore tour and registered here in the forums. Once I completed the game and all expansion packs, I sumitted Rodlin Serim in May '05 and have played just about every day since.
     PnP Experience: Played with my high school buddies, cousin and brother until my brother left for the Navy. So about 3 years worth of PnP.
     Occupation: US Navy
     Characters Played: Rodlin Serim, Ami and Lance Coyle
     What I like to see IG: FUN! Whatever your personal definition is.
     What I dislike to see IG: People trying to force their 'fun' on others.