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Way back in 2011, I made a post about miniature painting and hoping to find a good mini to represent Jennara. Since then, a company called Hero Forge has become a thing. There, on their website, you can "sculpt" miniatures digitally from various parts and poses, and then (if you pay them) they will 3D print those miniatures and mail them to you. If you don't pay them, you can still play with the tools.I ordered a few Jennaras, a Gulnyr the Grim, and an Iri Ambercress!. So far, I have painted one Jennara:  She is not this big (assuming you're looking at this on a monitor that was born in this century). Here are some painting progress shots, one of which includes a penny for scale:These are the base coat step and first shadow step, respectively, for the skin.And then the first and second highlight steps, respectively.Then the eyes were painted and she came alive. And here's the penny for scale.Here are three of the miniatures I have yet to paint. They're dark grey plastic, so it's a little hard to see the details in this photo. They need a little cleanup to get rid of extra plastic from the 3D printing process, then priming and painting can begin. 

Fun!  I played around with the Hero Forge thing and made up minis for several of my characters including Daniella, Viper, Zari, and my PnP character, but I haven't ordered any of them at this point.  Are you happy with the quality and which materials did you use for yours?  I know they had various upgrades and such, so just curious.  Thanks for sharing!

Iri's axe and shield model looks very, "WOOO! Come at me, bro!" I can see it. *nods a few times*I have fond memories of Early Jennara's Purple Dress, so yay! ...but once my mind decided Mini Jennara was raising her hand for a fist bump, I couldn't unsee it, so it has now changed my whole impression of Mini Jennara... sorry! I like Gulnyr's model but Acacea only met him like once, I think, so I primarily know of him through Cole's stories and a gallery pic that permanently ruinedaltered a song's lyrics for me long ago. Alas, with the death of gallery captions, the "cuz every girl's crazy 'bout a short fat man" context has disappeared... (I tried to make an Acacea on that site once and she looked like a deranged muppet. It was pretty tempting!)((Edit, memory's? @#$#, keyboard?))

These are printed in the beta grey plastic. They're similar in toughness to other hard plastic minis. They don't seem fragile -- at least, not any more than any tiny plastic thing. If you look really close, you can see a contour map-like pattern from the 3D printing, but it's invisible from normal viewing distance and didn't interfere with the painting at all. Here's a super-close-up where you can see the contours on her torso and arm:

Thanks!  That helps.  I may order a few as gifts for the holidays.  :)


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