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Coming This Summer -- Playable Legendary Characters


Have you ever wondered what Moraken is really like? Have you ever wondered why Xora is so feared and respected? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the might and power of Sinthar Bloodstone?Wonder no longer.We are pleased to announce that this summer we will be releasing the first batch of our Playable Legendary Characters (PLCs). This is something we've been quietly working on for a while now, and the time has come to give you a bit of a preview. Please note this list is what we're intending to have available, though this list could change by the time summer rolls around:
* Play as Moraken, Xora, Bloodstone, Queen Allurial, Xandrial, Drezneb, Eon or Milara
* Will not impact your maximum character count; play as many as you want.
* Play these characters as currently designed, with all abilities, equipment, resistances and immunities
* Freely usable for all purposes: RP, questing, adventuring, crafting, etc.
* Level-up your PLCs as high as Level 60
* Special, unique abilities unlocked at level 40 and every 5 levels thereafter
* Unique "pets" and/or summons for each PLC
* Immunity to Soul Strand loss
* Private bindstones/spawn points
* Usable/destructible Bloodpools
* "Strategic Recall" device, which can be used to escape combat or other deadly situation
* Includes instanced "lair" (similar to player housing) which can be customized plus 100 free placeables included
* Includes full "domain" of each Legendary Character (i.e. Milara's hordes of Unliving, Eon's golems, etc.), freely usable on quests or with other GM interaction (direct spawning planned for a later release)
* Lay siege to towns and cities.
* Terrorize other characters (PvP rules suspended for and against PLCs, though griefing rules still apply)
* Introduction of "bane" weapons/items, to which a specific PLC is vulnerable (i.e. the Shadow Blade which was used to destroy Bloodstone)This will be available to all players.In the future, we hope to expand this offering somewhat. Some of our plans include options to play as Molvaren, Black Wizard Grand Master (yet to be named), Jaedon Siphe, Cyn Chen, Rainstorff, Lord Rael and various other well-known figures. Though we'll be a little more selective about this, we're looking into the feasibility of opening up the heads of the various religious faiths. However, as these NPCs have not even been created in the toolset, there's still some balancing and other considerations to be made.That's it for now!

Moved to proper forum.~row

Just saw this (internetless for April Fool's, think of all the heartbreak I dodged!) and weirdly laughed at the moved to proper forum for some reason. I like to imagine the real joke being, "ha HA! Look Ma, I'm in the wrong forum!" "Fixed that for you." ":("

We already play legendary characters!  Mines 200 years old!

I totally thought this was serious initially, and was just scratching my head for a while.


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