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Cool video my nephew did of our vacation at my parents house in Anna Maria Isle this July 4th

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Hi all,I thought this go-pro video my nephew Ryan put together was pretty awesome.  It's taken in Anna Maria, FL where my parents live and we had a little vacation there this 4th of July.  We brought our boat over.  In the video are my nephews Ryan 19 (blonde short hair), Austin 17 (tallest with color striped shorts), John 14 (green shirt),  and Daniel 13 (dark hair with wavy bangs).  Obviously Bill and I are there but good luck telling us apart because we're twins.  Bill is wearing mostly the yellow patterned shorts  and sometimes white shirt and I wore black shorts and some short grey ones and sometimes black racing shirt.  I hope you enjoy it; its about 25 mins long.Davidhoff Here's the link: 

LOL.. Darn, Bill has some groovy dance moves.. ;-)

Haha thanks Rave!  Thats actually not my best stuff ;)

Nice Video! I'm a Florida girl and love going home to the gulf coast. You don't see many people using cast nets anymore but it was thrown great. Nice trout too. Loved the last song. Looks like all had a great time!

Thanks Mooneyes.  Nice to have a shoutout from a Fla Girl.  Seeing our boat trip turned into a video with music was the neatest thing.Oh and if anyone is wondering what "Murica" means, its the word "America" shouted with a drunk-country accent and you drop the first "A".  We were getting our patriotic July 4th on.


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