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Stumbled on this picture.

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I found this picture online today and immediately thought of Brisbane. Anyone else ever just stumble onto something that makes you wanna dive in and play? (and then get super sad cause your city is wrecked with ice and you can't cause you only have internet at work /end pityparty)

Aw! I hope they get you back online soon! I'm glad you at least have heat! That's kind of important! Great pic! Your right! It has Brisbane written all over it! Lol!

Yes, Brisbane (tho that's an aweful lot of metal that she's carrying there).It's not like it's the weather, I send you sunshine and warmth from here to all those that are freezing, but it is the lack of people to RP that is problematic.  Stuff that inspired me a while back: Penny Arcade, The TitheSource: Weird inspiration for my paladin:Source: Also, this:Source:

Thanks for sharing!   A kobold riding a winged ant seems a fair match for a dragon >.> :). 

A lot of little stings can kill a dragon just as much, no? Besides, we all know what kind of kobold would ride an ant, the kind of completely overpowered kobold with a prestige class combination that makes GMs cry.Also, this: "Here at the end of all things" by DarrenGeers


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