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Character Submission Process Changes - September 2011
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:41:25 pm »
Greetings Layonara,

 I am writing you on behalf of the Character Approvals Team and in conjunction with the changes happening server wide. Over the years we have given little (and not so little) tune-ups to the CA process, trying to find away to make the requirement of pre-approval work for the majority of people. We've taken feedback to heart and attempted to scale back certain obtrusive aspects to the process while balancing overall needs and have only met partial success. Striving to find a better version of policies, we have taken a large step back and looked at things from a different angle entirely.  

 What is outlined below is a result of that different viewpoint. The changes, in some ways aren't much, but in other places they are quite huge. All of these changes, together, are designed to return the world to a policy that promotes the focus on roleplay. While exploration, crafting and accumulation of experience are all part of our experience, the focus is returns more fully to character development through roleplay.  Lore will be the primary focus of the character application process. Rarely will mechanical detail hold up applications, but lore must be compliant. Here is an outline of the changes:
 General procedure goals and statements:

 - The CA Team's main goal will scale back to what is most important for the biographies, and indeed the world: Lore. If something does not fit with current lore, it will be held up until there is an appropriate change (or compromise in a few cases).  
 - CAs will no longer ask for justification of class, development of an alignment nor expansion on a race except for those that are listed as special (Wemic, Brownie, Ghostwise Halflings, Sea Elf, Dark Elf or Goblin). Those biographies that include details that are CONTRARY to alignment, class or race will be held up where lore becomes an issue. (No wizards gaining innate power and lacking the need for study. No humans with elf traits. No Lawful Good characters lopping off heads out of rage.)
 - Resubmissions for basic classes have a new set of rules. Any scrutiny will be lore based but there are level related restrictions (for lore reasons). For clarity, 'basic class' is any of the standard classes except cleric, paladin, druid or monk due to issue of lore or long standing multiclass restrictions.
  • Multiclassing with a basic class at level seven or below will only require a resubmission request. No CDT, no proof of training, supporting documentation. The resubmission will require only an updated biography blurb in the request. (Johanson wants to add rogue levels to his fighter class because he's been studying on how to attack more effectively. The new split will be 5/15.)
  • Multiclassing with a basic class between levels eight and fourteen, will require either a maintained CDT, a PC trainer or a CDQ. This choice is up to the requesting player but they will have to abide by the needs of their choice. If opting for a CDQ, some minimal RP/Lore justification will be needed.
  • Multiclassing for basic class at level fifteen (the last point at which anything can be added before level twenty) will require a CDQ and either a maintained CDT or a PC trainer.
  • Multiclassing after level twenty will begin to require more in depth attention from the CA team as this is much like turning over a new leaf in the life of a person. A maintained CDT or PC trainer are a must.
  • Multiclassing with a basic class from level thirty on will -not- be approved without a supporting WLDQ.
  • PrC multiclasing will remain the same.
Other changes we are making, exclusively geared toward new players/accounts:
  New forum accounts, regardless of if they are simply alternate accounts for current players or whole new people, will be limited to the following for the first approved character:  
  -Races are restricted to basic elf, basic dwarf, basic halfling, human and basic gnome. No subraces.
  -Character class is restricted to Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Ranger, Sorcerer and Wizard.  
  -The character's alignment is restricted to CG, NG, LG, LN and TN.
  -New players are eligible for resubmission for with the original character or with a new character after two weeks of active game time.
  -The Character Stable will still be an open option to new brand accounts.  

  The intent behind these restrictions has nothing to do with a prejudgment of new player's ability to correctly play a class, alignment or race. What it does is require new players to focus purely on the lore of Layonara, which is vast and unique compared to many places. The limitations placed will hopefully help simplify entrance into the world in effort and gaining expediency. They will hopefully limit the frustration many people have expressed about being required to know lore that they feel they don't have proper access to. Once in the world and experiencing things first hand, the rest of the opportunities open up.  
 Some notes related to these changes:
Gilshem Ironstone is the new CA Team Leader. He, Pibemanden and Geloooo will be working the majority of applications. Ycleption, if she should get a chance to return to us, still holds a spot on the CA team (at least for now).  
 There may be a rare instance here and there where a GM will step in to help out but this will be only under certain circumstances which we will not list. An example of such would be, if two or more CA team members are unable to fulfill their duties for a period of time due to RL obligations and the remaining CA requires assistance.  

 Your GM Team will still be a part of the process on the back end of things. Giving council, clarification and testimony will remain a part of what we do to help. We will be focusing our attention other places instead (elaborated upon in other posts).
 Some upcoming reform and projects for the CA Team/process:

 Our Class and PrC descriptions will be updated on LORE to be Layo-centric. A lot of what is on LORE for descriptions now are stock NWN descriptions of things and long have been out of sync with the server's core lore. This confusing factor will be rectified in the coming weeks (though we do not have an exact ETA.)
 We have some additional avenues for advancement and training coming to the server that will relate back to how the CA Team can work with people to gain desired classes, alignments and deity relationships (among other things) and encourage roleplay.
 Our documentation on the process of submitting a character for approval will be brought up to current both on the forums and in LORE. We do ask that you be patient with us as we go through this adjustment. Please keep in mind that we are working with several people to make this change over with clarity and thoroughness.  
 We hope that all of the changes bring a more meaningful and less stressful experience to the world as a whole.  
 The Character Approvals Team