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New Plot - please read


Thank you all again for your collective expression of interest in the upcoming plot. This is going to start very soon, if all goes well, and we have one other question for you all, or perhaps a better term is an “election.”For this plot series, there exists a very real probability of character alteration in a seemingly small but actually quite important way. What is the nature of this potential alteration? We're not saying right now, however we'll give the following information:
* This change is not going to be some sort of “shackle” that will inconveniently hinder a character. In fact, it may generally be viewed as positive.
* This change will however effectively mark the character with the potential to be targeted by the antagonist(s)
* There is an option (at our discretion) that the change could persist after the plot series has completed, if likely at a diminished level, so in a sense, it could be something of a reward.So essentially, there is a risk/reward mechanic at work here, and by taking the risk associated with this potential change, the chance of a greater reward and/or more significant role exists.What we're going to do is give every player who will/may be involved with the plot quest series to opt out of this potential alteration. This is to say, if you do not wish for your character to be altered for story reasons that do not stem from your own actions on the quests, please indicate below by simply stating that you opt out, and we will exclude you from being included in the list of potentially-altered characters.We will repeat this request at the first quest session, and anyone who joins into the plot after it starts will be given the same option. Everyone will get to change their minds one time, meaning one can opt-out but change one's mind later (though that is no guarantee of character alteration) or do the opposite (opt out sometime in the middle of the plot), but one cannot keep going back and forth between the choices.For those who have not opted out, whether or not your character becomes altered will be determined by the roll of dice, so even deciding not to opt out is no guarantee one's character will be changed in some way. We are simply seeking to avoid any misunderstandings and hard feelings as the result of an unwanted breach of the so-called “Golden Box”.Please indicate below only if you will be participating in the plot quest series and you wish to opt out of any plot-related character alteration.

MIght be a good time to start getting involved a bit more again :D


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