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Author Topic: Unofficial Patch 1.71 and Beta Patch 1.72  (Read 1709 times)


Unofficial Patch 1.71 and Beta Patch 1.72
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:15:05 am »
Took a bit of browsing but I found the patch notes: noticed one of the features claimed in this patch is that it doesn't break compatibility with 1.69 so it should not affect playability on Layonara.I'm wondering if this patch is worth downloading based on what the team here knows about Layonara's own server patches.  Could its fixes help make gameplay a bit more smooth, optimized, etc?  Is there anyone playing who currently has NWN updated to this patch? Also noticed 1.72 is still being worked on but might be worth looking into.  I think it also advertises being backward compatible.


Some features from the CPP
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2017, 11:23:00 am »
Some features from the CPP have already been incorporated into Layo a few updates ago. The cooler things for nwn(c)x are Windows-only, and as far as I know are not likely to be ported. All the Linux devs I've seen that might have worked on that object to not being able to release as open source. It doesn't hurt anything to download it for yourself, though. I think I'm currently running the beta.

Edit - if you were asking if any fixes were worth players downloading to play on Layo, I'm not sure there's much point :) just a few GUI changes (eg colorized icons, if one didn't already use them), because the server is on 1.69 :)
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