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Version 3.50 is coming!
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:43:40 pm »

Version 3.50 is coming!

Could be tonight, most likely tomorrow night. The server is going to be down for a couple hours as I will need to sync the vaults and do the db conversion. The server is going to be moved to a new IP Address. The DNS for will work after it propagates around the internet but in the meantime you will need the new IP Address. I will give that out in a followup post.
You will need to update the control hak and the tlk, I'm just making sure there aren't any last minute additions to them after some final testing before I make them available. They're small files though the both of them. I will give links to these files in a followup post as well.
Very important note for the next update:
The linux NWN server is case sensitive when it comes to your Bioware name. You must use the same upper/lowercase characters for your Bioware login that you did when you created your first character on Layonara. You can't login as Orth for example when you created your first character as orth. If you do you'll see no characters in your vault.
If you're unsure the exact case sensitivity you used for your first character and you see an empty vault, Dorg or I can let you know the proper case sensitivity.
  • AoE Improvements for Storm of Vengeance, Web, Grease, Stonehold
  • Fix some of the Goblin creation logic for player Goblins
  • Fix Harpies producing TMIs
  • Acacea's Irrestible Dance should not work on those immune to mind spells
  • Removed Greater Sanctuary from creatures
  • Properly close all colour tags on items/placeables/scrolls so the colour doesn't bleed
  • Quill System "undo" command was fixed
  • GMs no longer "suffer" cold, heh, also cleaned up a lot of their logic to ignore hunger/thirst/cold
  • Make quill system persistent across resets
  • Fixed some weirdness with the house key dialog showing that you didn't have the right key even though you did
  • Rebalancing Mistone Deep areas
Storage System Fixes and Updates:
  • The crates will never eat your gold, all gold will always be accounted for and returned after resets. If you deposit a stack with more than 50,000 gold pieces it will be split upon the next server reset.
  • Weirdness with stacks is no longer an issue. Stacks are added and removed and logged appropriately with number in the stacks. Players may notice if they remove a stack from a crate it will not merge with a stack they already have when they first receive it. They can stack it right after they remove it though once it's in their inventory.
  • Sometimes the server would think you were too far from a crate when on horseback to do the right thing, doesn't happen any more. You probably shouldn't be managing crates on horseback, but I prefered not having weird things happen if you were
  • Bank crates now show their contents and transaction log per character upon examine
  • Crate and chest appearances can be changed using =c setapp CrateName to # where CrateName is the name of your crate and the # is a value anywhere between 1 and 21. Players must leave and return to the area to see the change though!
  • No more bank chest in use bugs!
  • Dynamic Name System - Read Here
  • Random NPC Quest System - Read Here
  • Added ability to remove Charles Dawson's Book if you don't want it, use =c noneed chuckdbook
  • Use nwnx SetCurrentHitPoints to change PCs HP when logging in instead of the old way that did magical damage
  • Added journal entries for using voice activated emotes, sounds and actions
  • Updated Mountains of Madness and surrounding areas
  • You can store unidentified items on your ox now
  • System checks for banned players before they can even login.
  • System checks for players attempting to play from same IP and same Client Port and disallows
  • Players can set their character's description any time they want. Title any parchment "My Description" then write on it and use =c setmydesc and your player's description will change to what's on the parchment.
  • GMs can rename areas.
  • Introduction to area tracking logic for PC diversification system coming in a future update
  • GMs can now create transitions wherever they want. Whether its a "hole" showing up in the middle of Center or a doorway that leads to a Quest Area, they can plop them down on the fly.
  • Use PlayAnimation instead of ActionOpenDoor for player housing as it's quicker and doesn't need to wait for a queue, also made the door stay open a bit longer.
  • Player's bic file and portrait are now stored on the db for nicer integration with the web site
  • Updated the portal FX
Performance Improvements:
  • Remove old unused scripts and resources
  • Clean up OnActivate script to be faster
  • Login is much faster polling the db a lot less when first coming into the world, you should notice the difference.  Also removed a two functions that were rerunning through every step of the login process (17 times!)
  • All strings have been replaced with string references, this improves bandwidth and performance. Think about it this way, when you're in a party of 6 people whenever a PC would damage a Forest Giant Feller of a Broken Glade Clan the server would have to tell each client the name which is 43 bytes of data (43 characters in his name) to 6 players. Now it just tells the players to look up string reference for example, 16774043 from the layonara TLK which is 4 bytes of data. Multiply this by many names and many activities happening and you can see how this improves things.
  • The new server's CPU has been isolated so it's completely dedicated to nwn
  • The DB has been vastly reworked and improved in performance and integrity. Before many queries to the DB would look up things based upon your Bioware name and Character name. All players are assigned an ID and it's this ID that is used throughout the code now.
  • Use new nwnx GetSystemTime() to get epoch instead of polling the db for UNIX_TIMESTAMP(now())
  • Removed some unneeded heartbeats
  • OnSpawn is faster for creatures as the checks for loot drops have been made more efficient.
  • OnAcquireItem is faster for creatures, makes spawning quicker too
  • Improved performance so houses being opened won't lag the server
  • General improvements in areas where logic should be ignored for GMs
  • Move some unused areas out of the module for now
  • Creatures don't use up their buffs on module load
  • Logic to give the WL their quest items no longer needed as they've all been handed out
It feels like we did more, can't wait to get in and play! Thanks to Dorg, rowana and Alatriel for a hand here and there.


Migration to the new module
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2015, 08:58:00 pm »

Migration to the new module and server will be starting soon.  To prepare for this, please note that there are two required downloads you will need to get before you can play on the new server.

Updated TLK file:
(download this file and extract it into your NWN "tlk" folder)

Updated "control" HAK file:
(download this file and extract it into your NWN "hak" folder)

Also, in order to access the new server, you will need to connect to or The old address of will work in about 48 hours once we fully shut down and repoint the old server.

The new server is not yet available, and transition will take about an hour or two once it starts, give or take.  Please do not attempt to connect to the new server until we give the notification to do so.



As an addendum, we want to
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2015, 09:21:31 pm »

As an addendum, we want to let everyone know that a few web functionality will be broken for a little while until Orth can get everything reconnected. Examples of services that will be unavailable are server status, lore messages, donations and town crier. We hope that these will not take long but we will let you know as each comes on line.

Thanks in advance for your patience everyone!




Alright everyone, we are back
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2015, 10:48:02 pm »

Alright everyone, we are back online!

Please see above for the information about logging, temporary new log in address etc. Please do come post if you are having some difficulties with anything and we will do our best to answer as we can.