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Author Topic: Version 3.71 Is Online!  (Read 1273 times)


Version 3.71 Is Online!
« on: January 11, 2019, 10:25:23 pm »
Here's a list, mostly fixes and tweaks, there may be some new systems and content coming though. We'll see!  ;)

  • Fix acid fog to include caster level
  • Fix cobble trail tile
  • Fix captain in Stort giving wrong destination
  • Fix Rafaela taking both ante and card when playing for ante
  • Fix references to old place names
  • Fix recipe card glitches
  • Fix walkmesh in player housing tiles
  • Fix walkmesh in desert tiles
  • Fix vampire wizards not doing anything
  • Fix magic circle/battletide etc scripts to not wipe buffs accidentally
  • Fix broken AT in Tomb of Lost Heroes
  • Fix losing stat merge when accidentally resting while polymorphed
  • Fix Runic Anvil scripts
  • Other typo fixes
  • Cleaned up dirge
  • Shorten the random quests to last 5 days before expiring
  • Clean up old items in the palette that are unused
  • Added some DM commands from Acacea
  • Added some placeables from Acacea
  • Removed world leader quests from the journals
  • Removed Haven Castle quest
  • Added Chakar to pillar in tomb of lost heroes
  • Added a player house for Plen in Outskirts of Siphe
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