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[SIZE=16]Following the Cataclysm, the human clans of the roughlands on the continent of Belinara, now known as Xantril, fought for survival and supremacy in the changed landscape. As the arid sands and scrubs of the rough lands shrank and new mountains ranges and forest emerged, some of the clans were forced into these new environments.  The tribal leader Xi-Lo-Sung of the Flying Horse tribe, leaving behind his horseman heritage, led his people into the Shattered Mountains to escape the chaos of the roughlands. Here he fought the harsh landscape, raids by other tribes and giants as well as a constant depression in his people. To overcome the physical and mental problems of his people Xi-Lo-Sung instigated a regime of martial and mental training.  The newly developed techniques healed the mass depression of the populace and a thriving community was created around a newly formed monastery hidden on a craggy peak within the shattered mountains.  The monks of the temple became renowned for the ability to heal illness of the mind and pilgrims and outcasts from other clans arrived at the monastery in search of peace of mind. The monastery was named Healing of The Broken Circle, this was shorted to The Broken Circle. The humans living in the mountains were commonly known as the Shattered Clans. [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Taurnil Carnesîr the Elven brought the fellowship of Aeridin to the Shattered Clans in 134. Having travelled to Belinara as a missionary of Aeridin he was despondent to find very few willing to accept the precepts of Aeridin on the continent. This, coupled with the expansionism of human tribes sent him into a dark depression.  On arriving at the Broken Circle within the Stattered Mountains he found a willing audience and his depression was ministered to by the monks. Taurnil learnt to find aspects of Aeridin in forms of nature other then that of his beloved forest. Taurnil spent several decades with the monks. Under Tauril’s leadership a chapel devoted to Aeridin was formed alongside the monastery. The chapel within the temple was made up of entirely human clergy. The joint clerical and monastic temple was renamed Amarylla; meaning sanctuary. Amarylla became known as place of healing of both body and mind. Taurnil continued to guide the temple, leading the human Clerics and Monks, through several generations. During the troubled decades of the Human-Elf war (148-334) Amarylla reduced its contact with other Aeridinte temples and withdrew from the affairs of the outside world. [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]In 383 before the arrival of the Demon Prince Xandrial to the continent of Belinara, Taurnil received a vision of the impending doom. Taurnil embarked on a plan to secure the safety of Amarylla; to hide Amarylla in order for a seed of Aeridin’s faith to remain on the soon to be doomed continent. Taurnil spent a year in strict prayer and meditation. Aeridin granted his prayers, and from then on, Amarylla can only be seen and entered when both moons Orn and Ausir are full in the sky, or at Mid Summer. [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]Taurnil vanished mysteriously from Amarylla with this act, his fate unknown up to this day. With the disappearance of Taurnil Carnesîr the Elven, access to Amarylla became nearly impossible. The human clergy and monks of the temple continued their traditions unabated, supported by the surrounding villages of the Shattered Clans. Over the centuries the traditions of Aeridin followed by the human clerics of Aeridin in Amarylla deviated slightly from the original teachings. [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=16]The giant tribes of the Giant Run Mountains have legends of a mysterious temple that can be seen by those of keen eye on various peaks of the Shattered Mountains. When ever a giant patrol ventures to investigate they have always returned confused, having been unable to locate the exact peak that the mysterious temple was sighted upon...[/SIZE]


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