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Coup de Grace


The Coup de Grace, or the Final Strike, as it is sometimes called, is a true legend. Heralded as the greatest fencing sword in Mistone, the Coup de Grace has only possibly surfaced twice in recorded history. Rumored to have been created by the dwarven smith Berhand Silverbeard, the existence of this item has never been truly confirmed.  One such record is of orcish origin; therefore slightly less trustworthy. This depiction speaks of a shining metal needle, two and a half feet in length, which shimmered brightest blue as it was swung, as if it cut the air itself. Obviously I retell this depiction with a touch more flair than its original author; Orcish never translates delicately to Common (or any other language, for that matter). Nevertheless, the tale tells of a war band ambushing a passing shopkeep, a successful raid until a passing rider stopped to aid the stricken merchant. The orcs tell of a brilliant flash of blue when they charged the rider, who was either elven or human. Blinking, they looked back to see the head of their warleader tumble from his shoulders, his chain coif sliced through with a cleaner cut than could be believed. They then mention a “dr’gonba,” or “tactical retreat,” which in Orcish means “running away without screaming too loudly.” Although a rough translation, this is said to be the first recorded sighting of this wondrous weapon.   The second account tells of another orc encounter, this time with a guard patrol. Records show an eight-man patrol was ambushed by fifteen or so orcs, well-armed and well-organized. Beaten down, the men were bound, gagged and prepared for their execution by beheading. The first was brought to the block, and his head removed with two swings of the chief’s greataxe. However, as the second was brought to the block, a cloaked figure appeared in the light-dappled forest clearing. Again the record tells of a fantastic blue flash as the blade was drawn, this time by a character of small stature, dwarven or tall halfling. The blade was said to scream as it moved, again as though the air itself felt the keenness of its edge. The guards’ record tells of “armor cut through as though it were paper.” The orcs rapidly fell to the well-armed opponent, only scoring one hit during the battle. Once battle was over, the cloaked figure unbound one of the men and vanished into the blackness of the forest.   Blood trails from the cloaked figure were picked up the next day by trackers, but the trail was lost just beyond the Zainge River. This is the last known record of this sword.  


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