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Lich Skin


Lich Skin

The process of becoming a lich is never a particularly pleasant one, certainly not something you would care to be reminded of I can imagine. One lich however, a female by the name of Farile Whipwind decided to keep a memorabilia.

Farile, ever the vain mage (aren’t they all?) refused to live out eternity in the skeletal form she was forced to take. Instead she took her the skin from her body as she was transformed into a lich and had it formed into a robe. The robe would fit over her whole body disguising, all be it badly, her bony form.

The robe had hair sewn into it, even eye lashes and brows. In dark light, or poor vision one would almost consider her human.

As the years progressed, Farile spent most of her time enchanting the robe to improve her looks. Upon completion, who ever was to don the robe would be perceived as the true visage of feminine beauty.

An untimely end was to greet the lich after an adventuring party raided her tower. Most unfortunate it was that the majority of the party turned out to be female.

Little has been heard of the artifact since, although one appearance was noted in the shape of a siren, said to hunt the broken forest. This is the last known sighting of Lich Skin.


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