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Of gnomes and wine (Deity Myth: Xeen)


Once Xeen saw, that Goran had given inspiration to one of his followers. The small gnome did nothing but work all day in his workshop, making new inventions. But this one was beyond anything one could dream of; it was the secret of flight that Goran had bestowed upon the small gnome.
Xeen was irritated that the gnome always worked and also she was irritated at Goran for giving inspiration to him. So she sat down and devised a plan. She appeared before the gnome as a beautiful lady, in her hands she held a bottle of the finest wine. As she approached the gnome he was unsure what to do, so he asked her to leave as he had to work.
But Xeen would not go, she said she had come to see him work for she had heard so much of him. The gnome was honored that she knew of him but insisted that he had to work. Xeen let a single tear flow down her cheek and asked if he at least would not drink a glass of wine with her before she left then.
Being the good gnome he was he could not refuse the lady such request so he found two glasses and they sat down by a table. Xeen poured the red wine in his glass and her own and the toasted to his work. As he drank the wine the gnome felt so alive, it was as if the wine made him feel things he had never felt.
Xeen saw this and smiled to him, offering him more wine, which he gladly accepted. He could not refuse the wine, with each taste of it his worries went further and further away and by the third glass were only a distant memory.
He still spoke of his work and Xeen pretended to care for his talk greatly all the time pouring him more wine from the bottle. No matter how much wine she poured the bottle was always half full, and soon the gnome could barely sit on his chair.
She then spoke to him in a soft tender voice “Why do you waste your time on work when you can feel like this always?” The gnome sat listening with a huge smile on his face while he nodded at her every word. She kept on talking and finally set the bottle on the table. “Take this and drink all you want” she said smiling as she turned and left.
The gnome fell off the chair passed out from the wine. As he awoke Xeen watched him begin his work, but soon he turned to the bottle on the table. “Just a single glass” he whispered to himself, but one became two and two became three and again that night the gnome slept on the floor under his table.
He tried to work a bit every day but he never managed to do anything but make a long cloak set with eagles’ feathers which he wrapped himself in while drinking the wine Xeen had given him.
She watched him for some time before it became boring and then moved on laughing to herself about how she had tripped the plans Goran had for that simple gnome.


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