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The Birth of Giants (Deity Myth: Grannoch)


Once Grannoch was sitting alone wondering why she was not like the others, she had no one to care for, for somehow she didn’t feel that the races populating the world were something she understood.
As she was sitting alone Pyrtechon came up to her. He whispered in her ear “Grannoch, why do you not make children yourself, shape them as you and have them populate the world” Grannoch did listen and she thought it a good idea. So she went about creating her children. She gathered the elements, earth to give them strength, fire to give them temper, water to make then gentle and air to give them spirit. She saw her child standing there before her then, molded by her in her own image and she indeed was happy. It was a strong man with a fiery temper but still a gentle man who could hold a baby and lull it to sleep.
Pyrtechon again came to Grannoch and told her that she should set him into the world, but as Grannoch turned her back for a moment Pyrtechon whispered in the ear of the child that he should hate the humans, that he should destroy what they built. Then he turned and left with a smile. He knew the child would be so strong that it could crush the world and crushed what Rofirein loved so much. He went away grinning how he had fooled the stupid Grannoch. She even thought him a friend, he mused to himself, she was only a pawn in his games and he did loathe her.
Now Grannoch and child met Aeridin who looked at them and especially at the child. He went to Grannoch and said to her “your child is strong but it will destroy the world, you must not let him be so mighty for nothing will be able to withstand him. They spoke for a while and Grannoch saw that Aeridin was right. It must have slipped Pyrtechons mind she told herself, for he had come to her as a friend giving advice, and no advice is fool-proof.
Grannoch took her blade then and told her child to be still. She then divided him into four pieces, each like a small version of the first child. They all became like Grannoch herself, but still they were different. Some were stronger than the others, while other was fiery hot and some icy cold, and finally some were like the air, grasping for clouds and reveling in thunder and lightning. Grannoch saw that they had become the four elements she had created them from and so she knew they would never be able to live together all of them. Tears filled her eyes as she knew her children had to be separated, but still she did it.
So the giants as she called them were to live all over the world, but as they were not longer as strong as the firstborn they did not destroy it. Pyrtechon saw this and he cursed Aeridin for telling Grannoch and for fouling his plan.


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