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The Lonely Road
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The Lonely Road

Mages are generally not known for their stimulating social company, preferring the comfort of their towers and the companionship of books. This thought fell true for one such reclusive mage, Braden Veld.

He is said to have had a tower near Lar, only ever venturing out to collect supplies. There he conducted experiments on contortion of invisibility, aiming to eventually be able to completely obfuscate himself from the world for as long as he wished. Driven by his consuming urge for privacy, he worked for many years on this one spell, a combination of planar shifting and invisibility, holding a being to this plane in essence yet shifting their physical form to a pocket plane.

Upon completion, Braden activated the spell sending his physical form to his pocket plane, but staying on layonara in ethereal form. His mind raced with thoughts of what to do, the millions of possibilities that come with completely undetectable invisibility. He quickly realised however, the spell was drawing too much of his power, weakening him considerably. Much to his disappointment, he began to dismiss the spell, drawing himself back as one.  One thing everyone should know about planar travel is that nothing is ever for certain. The most brilliant mind in the world can place a good probability on what should happen, but there is never certainty.

Before Braden could fully pull himself back, the spell collapsed in on itself. Braden blacked out…

Upon waking, Braden found himself still in ethereal form, yet having no indication as to where his body lay. Unable to cast, he fought with his new form, reaching out to objects only to have his hands go straight through them. He could not touch, feel, smell or taste.

Stuck in his ghostly form, Braden returned to his tower, roaming the rooms for many years. He tried in vain to speak with people of the town, desperate to reach those he had so badly wanted to avoid. Exhausting his options, Braden took to the road.

Tis never folly to wish to hide, we all require our quiet moments of privacy. To be completely alone however, destroys the souls of the strongest.

Braden apparently still wanders the paths of Mistone, never seen nor heard, a ghost trapped in his own desire.