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The Pealing Doom


This item has been claimed to originate on another plane of existence, for it is said no mortal could ever create such a terrible item. The item in question is a brass bell, simple in its appearance, yet terrifying in use. Forged in two parts, the bell handle creates a circle of silence that surrounds those who hold the bell. The bell base, however, creates the most terrible noise when used; prolonged exposure to this noise is said to paralyze and kill, yielding an effect similar to a banshee’s wail. The only known appearance of this item on Layonara was in what is now Haven, almost two hundred years ago. It is said that the bell was found by a bard down on his luck, having sold his lute to feed himself.  Considering his luck for only a second, he ran towards the bustling marketplace, aiming to put on a show for the busy shoppers and merchants. He arrived in the market, found himself a good vantage point, and began to toll his bell. Confused by the lack of sound, he shook the bell more and more violently. Despondent, he stopped shaking the bell, only to look up to see the devastation he had caused. Not a single soul in the market was left alive; almost a hundred people, from rich merchants to the lowest peasant, lay dead, bleeding from their ears.   It is said the bard dropped the bell in shock, sounding its terrible noise once more...   This is the last known record of the bell, resigned to paper by an unknown source and left at the scene of the disaster. It is unknown whether the bell was taken by the authorities who discovered the scene, or by the “person” who wrote the record.  


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