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The Shade's Eye


Many years ago there lived an Elven necromancer by the name of Atrian. Like every other necromancer,¬†Atrian was¬†absolutely obsessed with his trade. However, in his studies he found that the undead were not quite as eager to be studied as he was to study them. After a nasty encounter with a group of shades, Atrian decided that there had to be an easier way to get up close with a shade than sneaking and spell slinging.   A year later, Atrian beamed proudly over his newest creation; an amulet, that allowed him to morph into several common undead creatures. A skeleton, a zombie, a shade, and a spectre. These were the forms Atrian could now take, and he spent the next 6 years obtaining knowledge of the undead that was rivaled only by the oldest and wisest necromancers in the land.   Unfortunately in one such expedition in the Broken Forest, he had but just started studying a shade when he heard a loud rustling sound coming at him. Looking around, he saw a glowing man of six feet tall.   "In the name of Toran I shall put your souls to rest, fiends!"   To Atrian's horror the paladin charged in and began his "cleansing" of the woods. Moments later, the shades were all dead, and the paladin saw a shiny object lying on the ground. As he peered closer, it seemed to be an amulet around the shades neck. As he removed it, the enchantment on Atrian's body was removed as well, and the paladin saw the situation for what it truly was. Disgusted by himself, and in horror of having killed an innocent person, the paladin attached the Amulet to an arrow and shot it as deep into the woods as the arrow would carry it.   It is not known where the amulet lies, but rumors suggest that deep in the Broken Forest, an arrow with a gleaming object attached to it is lodged in the tops of a tree.


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