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The Shard Spike


This weapon is rumoured to have existed around the time when the dragon gods left layonara, approxamitely 500 years prior to the great cataclysm. Elven in origin, almost nothing is known about the production of this weapon, only rumours of the deeds it perfomed.

It is said to resemble a basic elven spear, solid oak handle with a lightweight metallic head. Appearences are however generally decieving. The spear head was made from several tiny peices of adamantium, layered on top of each other and infused as the spear was built. This process is thought to have taken an elven smith a lifetime to finish, molding every segment to fit the last.

The process which held the spear together, and produced the reaction on impact are fiercly argued, yet little more than speculation existeds.

Upon piercing its target, the spear head is said to explode, tearing adamantium shards through the insides of whatever foe stood in its way, perfectly rebuilding when the spear was removed. Although not the quickest of weapons, its impact was almost always lethal.

The last known record of this item was in the hands of a druid, the keeper of Ulambree Forests of Voltrex, known only as Teln. He is said to have used the spear to insure the safety of the forest for at least two centuries. Until that is a black dragon decided to take up residence in the forest.

As soon as this news reahed Teln, he took up arms and went to confront the beast. He arrived at a scene of devistation, the grass and trees blackening and withering with the mere presence of this beast. As he entered the cave of the dragon, animal corpses littered the ground. Eventually finding his foe, Teln stood fast, demanding that the creature leave immediately and he may spare its life.

The Dragon reeled back in laughter, giving a mocking snort of smoke towards his next meal.

Teln stood his ground still, awaiting the beasts first move.

Infuriated by his defiance, the dragon lunged forwards, its great claws tearing the air with a terrible wail.

Teln dodged the blow, swiftly dropping to the floor and rolling towards the beast. Spear in hand, he set forth past the next volly of blows.

The dragon, still full of his last feed was slower than usual, barely managing to catch Teln with the slightest of blows. In a desperate attempt, the dragon reared back his head and let loose  his terrible breath.

This time Teln was not so lucky, taking a full blow from the dragons breath, he awoke under a pile of rock, half buried. His enemy loomed over him, a wicked sneer on its face.

Knowing he faced his end, Teln took the Shard Spike and drove it deep into the floor of the cavern. The dragon began to laugh once more.

"You throw down your weapons so easily little man?" queried the dargon, his smirk growing.

Teln merely smiled.

The dragon grew tired of his prey and stepped forward to finish the battle. Suddenly the rock began to crumble beneath his weight, and the cavern began to collapse. The beast began to thrash, fighting to get to the exit before the entire hill side came down upon him. A vast cave was opening below the two, bringing the cave down into itself, the dragons thrashing doing nothing but worsening the situation.

Teln look up, smiling to the dragon.

The great beast lunged for one final defiant strike at the druid, only to find himself with a spear through his belly.

"A spear, is that the best you have druid?" the dragon began the sentance, but is said to have never finished it.

Myths say the two plunged deep into the undercaverns of Voltrex, the dragon to his death.

What became of Teln has never been discovered, and nothing of Shard Spike has ever been found. Some tell stories of him patrolling the undercaves still.


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