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The Stop Clock


The Stop Clock

Buried in myth and legend it is doubtful that this artefact ever existed at all. If it had, the bearer would inevitably be in control of the world by now.

It is said the Stop Clock resembles no more than a simple bronze sundial, albeit mounted on the tooth of a chromatic dragon. The owner is said to possess the power to control time itself.

Fairytale has it that when the humanoid gods took their interest in layonara, they created the item in order to establish their station on the world without the interferance of the dragons. Once the tooth is stabbed into the soil, time stops, awaiting the commands of its new master. Using a simple light, the dial may be turned back, time in its turn aswell.

More myth than legend, the stop clock is confined mostly to children’s stories rather than campfires.

In the same end, a wiser man than I told me fairy tales do not tell children dragons exist, children already know dragons exist. Fairy tales tell them dragons can be killed. Stop clock or no, your time is yours to control. Make the best of it while you can.


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