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Through the Looking Glass


Through the Looking Glass

I wonder what Alice may have said if she had picked up this looking glass? I may ask the very same about any of you, for looking into its depths for too long you are sure to see something you would not expect.

It is said that this mythical item was created by a demon bound to layonara, cursed to remain there as a slave to his master. Through the ages however master and slave grow closer, eventually becoming as close to friends as a demon and elf can become.
Legends would have us believe the master created a mirror, imbued with the power to see through the planes, allowing his slave to view his home whenever he chose to.

Upon the death of the master, the slave was returned to his home plane, taking the mirror with him. Curiously, rumours say that the mirror’s effect was reversed in this moment, allowing the holder to view Layonara at any time they chose.

If true, this could prove incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands.


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