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Legends are curious, they fall thought the ages like pebbles in the stream, most worn down over time until only a vague memory remains. From time to time however a passing adventurer may pick up one such pebble. It can be magically enchanted to encapsulate audiences; it can be blown to the size of a mountain, or shrunk to a grain of sand. They will sharpen swords, polish armour, focus the mind and send those who come in contact with them out into the world to make pebbles of their own.

In these pages I hope to share some of these pebbles with you, some rough, some smooth, some forgotten, some that never will be and some that probably never were in the first place! May the legends of layonara bring some insight, interest and amusement to your campfires.

Look for more Legends&Artefacts in the Layonara Handbook (out soon!).


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