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Author Topic: One day in Leilon...  (Read 102 times)

Lalaith Va'lash

One day in Leilon...
« on: October 19, 2005, 05:48:00 pm »
 *On a "quieter" day at the Leilon Arms.....*
   *...All at once Kali comes flying into the door of the Leilon Arms, Practically bounding, she seems to be holding onto an old looking and badly beaten up piece of paper or flyer *   *Obviously speaking much louder than she means to be..*   "Derrick, Quin!! "
  *she spins around until she spots them and smiles as she speaks excitedly* 
  " I found somthing that could possibly help us raise money to ........... "   *Kali then pauses when she sees the entirty of the guests at the inn turning their heads in her direction...  She giggles a bit and smiles playfully at them, not seeming to mind the attention much at all. But then Kali realizes she is not ready to reveal their new found plans just yet and so does not continue her sentence.*
  *Kali throws herself between Derrick and Quin, onto the couch behind them, and motions them to her. She hands the paper to Derrick that she brought *   *The flyer*   *Kali Continues as Derrick looks over the flyer, and eventually hands it to Quin*   "If we do a fundraiser, similar to this, we can make a bunch of gold in support of a payment for our wonderful .... cause.. "
  *Kali curiously smiles to the onlookers then turns back to Derrick and Quin*   "Not only that...  by requesting gifts for the raffle from investors, instead of gold, it would be much easier.. "
  "Plus.. much of the crafting and gathering for the prizes, we can do ourselves as well.. and whats best.. We can hold the raffle here at the Leilon Arms! "   *she leans back on the couch, slightly out of breath as she seemingly ran all the way from whereever she found this incredably old parchment, she smiles a bit and then looks to them..*   " So what do you think? Can we pull it off? "
   //Just a new little development...  Stay tuned.