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"The Golden Hero" CLOSED


*Posted in various places throught Leilon as well as Town Halls and Inns throught Mistone

From the Office of the Mayor of Leilon

"The Golden Hero" Tavern of Leilon is hereby CLOSED, by the order of the Honorable Mayor of Leilon for unscrupulous actions by it's owners and accomplices against the Leilon Arms in an attempt to put them out of business. The former Owners of "The Golden Hero" are wanted for the following crimes:

- Attempted Arson
- Theft
- Attempted Murder
- Murder
- Property Damage
- Attacks on Leilon citizens
- Illegal Business Practices
- Loitering

If anyone has information regarding the events of Friday 10/14/05 at the Leilon Arms and the city of Leilon or the where abouts of the former owners of "The Golden Hero", please contact the local Authorities.

**Copy Sent to Her most Royal Highness Alluriel, Queen of Mistone


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