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*tacked up inside the inn...*


*...after Lily caught the old man trying to paste it on the wall outside and twisted his ear off for messing up her still-new, still-clean bricks.  "Right feisty, that one - my kinda woman were I jess a few dozen years younger..." the old bard remarked later, with a grin.*

[SIZE=16]Live in Concert - the one, the only - Willie the Bard![/SIZE]

One night only

Outside Audira, in Sedera, on Dregar, at the closest oasis

Wedlar, Augra 18, 1476

[SIZE=10]Everyone welcome including them peaceful Az'attan types and especially the pretty ones.[/SIZE]

//Willie's Show

*A young adventurer looks at the poster in confusion and starts speaking aloud to himself*

I would love to hear Willie sing as I hear he is quite good. Too bad the location of his concert is too vague. That Border is over 3000 miles long and I'm not that desperate to listen to him.

*flyers are amended with a more specific location.  Willie is seen mumbling about trying to post fliers in the inhumane wee hours*


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