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Adventurers needed IV


*As their group went in valiantly into the infamous crypt harboring Storan's. Our mighty heroes stumbled on two party poopers ( ;) ). Having no choice but to head out, the intrepid party planner, made a promises to himself to bring his troops back and finish the job. If job there was to finish.*
 This time, we will not fail. We will not back down. We will push through no matter what xeenite and ranger we meet on the way. Or anyone else for that matter.
 *Raises his fists looking at the crypt*
 Tremble deaders, tremble. We are coming for you once again.
 // Meet in Hlint again. All level welcome, Clerics are as always appreciated. Mind the alignment and deity relationship please.
 Calendar link

Thank you all for coming this was the last one I was organizing.

Fehriel Cailomel
*A wolf print is drawn under his name*


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